Yingke peak (1)

2021-04-08 04:00:41  作者:Photography

Yingke peak is located in the south of Chaihe mountain rock murals , Before the peak and huangyulazi 、 The sacred mountain is opposite to the river , Behind the peak are the continuous mountains . It not only overlooks the Tongxin Tianchi Lake 、 Moon town , A close look at huangyulazi 、 It's a good place with idyllic scenery , It's also about enjoying the top ten bays 、 The best place for Shenfeng ! Yingke peak is the gateway to the ten Bay scenic spots of moon town , The foot of the mountain in the north of the peak is closely connected with the chuoer river , The narrow one only allows the country road to pass through .( The name of the mountain was given by the author )

View Yingke peak from afar , Different angles , Different styles , Barrier like , Like octopus !


The sacred mountain stands majestically on the opposite side , People are awed by the mountains !