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As an international metropolis, Shanghai , Its Museum —— There are many treasures in Shanghai Museum , I suggest that you should visit when you have a chance . If we don't have enough time , Only 3-4 Hours , I think I must go to the bronze Museum 、 Sculpture Museum 、 Porcelain house 、 Painting and calligraphy Museum .

It's one of the must-have : Bronze Museum

Focus on : The design and manufacture of bronzes

The bronze museum is facing this city , Turquoise Inlaid in the middle , The workmanship is amazing ; This is BC 18 Century or 16 The craft of the century , The tools are simple, but the design and manufacture are so exquisite . It is estimated that the samurai at that time could have a bronze weapon , It's extremely precious ; That's why so much effort was put into decoration during the production , Wear it on your body , That is, it can attract envious eyes , It can also serve as a deterrent , It's definitely a symbol of power and wealth .

This mosaic design of turquoise has a profound influence , Now this kind of similar design is still popular in Tibet and Central Asia , When I went to Nepal and Morocco, I saw a lot of Turquoise Inlaid jewelry . Gravel inlays 、 The whole stone is inlaid with , Everyone has a belt . The unity of human beings to beauty , There has been no big change since ancient times .

In the picture above, the shape of the bottle and the bottle is very modern punk , Where is the inspiration of this metal element of punk fashion , I didn't check the relevant information . I just sigh that the imagination of the ancients is too powerful , A lot of modern design ideas come from ancient times .

No. 2 of "must enter the museum" : Sculpture Museum

Focus on : The form and manner of the characters

Watching the sculptures focuses on the changes of their modeling and expression , Take this female painted Figurine as an example , She is tall 15CM, Hold it in your hand and hold it . The waistline of her dress is so low , With a small stomach , My face is plump and drooping , The amount of rouge is as gaudy as a village woman , Long legs in modern aesthetic factors 、 Manyao 、 None of the awl faces have . But she stood there with great confidence , Proud and playful , She is charming and lovely , Unique charm , Fascinate the world .

Terracotta sculpture began in the spring and Autumn period , Later, the pottery figurines became more and more exquisite , The skills of characterization are improving day by day , From the dullness of the Western Jin Dynasty , Turn to vivid nature ; From a mere outline , Turn to detail . The faces of the characters also change with the aesthetic standards of the times , From the Western Jin Dynasty to the early Northern Wei Dynasty , The face is wide and square . Taihe in the Northern Wei Dynasty (477~499) in the future , The face tends to be thin , Later on, it's thinner . In the east 、 Western Wei Dynasty , Face from thin to round , In the Tang Dynasty, it was more mellow and abundant , The figure's body is also growing in charm , There are many vivid works .

Terracotta sculpture reached a new artistic height in the Sui and Tang Dynasties . In yellow 、 Brown 、 blue 、 The tricolor figurines made of green and other colors are the tricolor figurines of the Tang Dynasty , It can especially represent the new level of Figurine works . Yang Huizhi is a famous sculptor in Tang Dynasty , He is famous for his ability to portray specific characters to achieve the level of vividness .

No.3 of "must enter the museum" : Porcelain house

Focus on : Bionic porcelain

How to enjoy these exquisite porcelain when you enter the porcelain Museum ? Be sure to watch it in chronological order . First of all, we can see this kind of porcelain with very early age , Is it beautiful ? no ! Is it smart and smooth ? no ! Does the glaze look good ? no !

But over time , The more the porcelain is made, the more exquisite it is , Until the bionic porcelain reaches the top . So we must watch in chronological order to understand the development history of porcelain .

The most famous Jun kiln porcelain , The scale is perfect , Compared with Begonia flower by its shape , More able to experience the abstract freehand brushwork of ancient Chinese art .

Under the light, it attracted a large number of viewers with indescribable blue , It is the blue and white porcelain which is well known in China in recent years . Iron slag melts at high temperature , Bloom , Halo dyeing , Finally, blue and white porcelain was formed .

Not all blue and white porcelain are so beautiful , It's a little dark blue , The pattern is not fine , There's scum on the surface . The blue and white in the picture above is not a masterpiece . Be sure to visit more museums ( really ) product , To know what real art is .

Famille rose is very popular in China , Look at its exquisite design , A few strokes show the deer's jumping look , The glaze is soft in color . Calm down and watch carefully the layers of new and old pines , The texture of fawn fur !! Why watch the performance of its material quality , I've had the experience of painting porcelain with clay , Sticky material, use a brush to draw such fine patterns on the smooth surface of porcelain , It's a very difficult thing .

Look at the gloss. It's warm and soft , Look at the pure and quiet color , It is said that coral was added to the glaze . Unspeakable delicacy and beauty , Stop for a long time .

It looks like a coral bead , Jasper bowl body , Gold rimmed , Brass base , But it's a real porcelain bowl , In China, the real 100 It's the best bionic porcelain . I can only marvel , Nothing else . We must find the display cabinet of bionic porcelain , A group of bionic porcelain are the best . They have to be found and watched carefully !! You can't let the material change at will when making bionic porcelain , To imitate coral, Jasper, brass and other materials , With what kind of material ratio ? At what temperature ? I admire those craftsmen in addition to praise !

No. 4 of "must enter the museum" : Calligraphy and painting Museum

Watch the main points : Make a strategy ahead of time to understand your work

The song dynasty Mi Fu 《 Xiaoxiang scroll 》

The song dynasty Zhao 《 The picture scroll of willow crow and reed goose 》

element Zhao Mengfu 《 Dongting Dongshan map axis 》《 Blue stone map axis 》

element Ni Zan 《 Yuzhuang Qiuji picture axis 》

element Wuzhen 《 Fisherman 》

element Wang Meng 《 The picture of Qingbian living in seclusion 》

bright Qiu Ying's 《 Wuzhushutang scroll 》《 Xiuzhu lady picture axis 》

bright Wen Zhengming 《 A picture of qushanfang 》《 Shihu Qingsheng scroll 》《 The picture scroll of zhenshangzhai 》

bright Tang Yin 《 Crane scroll 》《 Picture of autumn wind fan 》《 The picture of lone duck in sunset 》

bright Shen Zhou 《 Farewell picture at Jingkou 》

bright Xu Wei 《 Flower scroll 》

clear Wu Changshuo 《 Four seasons flowers 》《 Seal script Linshi Guwen axis 》

clear Zhu Da ( Badashan people )《 Two birds in Lake and stone 》

clear Shi Tao 《 Xiyuan elegant collection 》《 Drizzle and pines 》 ……

These are all the things we must talk about in the history of Chinese painting . It's a great pleasure to see the paintings of these famous painters together . Look at these paintings , You really need to do some homework ahead of time .

For example, when we watch Zhao Ji's flower and bird paintings , It's better to know about the two categories of Chinese flower and bird paintings :

1、 Fine brushwork flowers and birds are more similar in shape than in spirit , It looks like number one , It looks like the second

2、 Freehand flowers and birds are more similar in spirit than in shape , Like the first , It looks like the second

And song Weizong's 《 Hibiscus and golden pheasant 》 To reach the realm of both form and spirit , He is the pinnacle of meticulous flower and bird painting .

Why is Ni Zan's landscape painting famous in Yuan Dynasty ?

" Three distance method ” It is a special perspective of Chinese landscape painting . It means in a picture , You can use different perspectives , The expression of scenery " Gao Yuan "、" Far reaching "、" Pingyuan ".“ Pingyuan ” Ni Zan of the Yuan Dynasty is the representative of the Song Dynasty .

Ni Zan created “ One river and two banks ” My composition , Near the slope 、 recycled water 、 The three-stage structure of Yuanqiu . He uses a very simple style of writing , It depicts the scenery of Pingyuan .

《 Yuzhuang Qiuji picture axis 》 Using the three-stage composition method , The mountains and rocks in the distance are dim , The middle part of the water is wide and clear , There are several dead trees scattered on the nearby hill , There is no room in the picture 、 Unmanned , This kind of composition is an important feature of Ni Zan's landscape painting . Chen Zhenlian, a contemporary calligrapher and painter :《 Yuzhuang Qiuji picture 》 It's a masterpiece of Ni Yunlin's art pattern , It's also the best work of his technique .

Xu Wei of Ming Dynasty had a rough life , His own experience has pushed freehand flower and bird painting to a new stage , Created a unique “ apply 、 Sweep ” The artistic form of expression , The allegory and poetry in the paintings have their own characteristics . His paintings let us know that to understand Chinese painting, we must first understand Chinese poetry .

bright Dong Qichang As a gift to Kexue's landscape scroll Silk ink ,21.1×723.2 centimeter

The picture is a long scroll , Dong Qichang is good at landscape painting , This painting is not a permanent exhibition , It's a special exhibition at the time of the event . I'm lucky to see that . Don't look at the real work , Can't feel 7 What's the momentum of Mido's scroll ! While watching , Standing on the right side of the display cabinet, I inadvertently looked at the painting on the left side , I found that the landscape clouds in the painting have a three-dimensional sense of clouds surrounding the mountain peaks , The clouds are misty and unpredictable , Extremely vivid . So I stopped for a long time . I want to share with the audience , There was no one in front of the showcase .

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