The more you grow up, the more selfish you become

2021-04-08 01:39:35  作者:Photography

I used to look forward to growing up , So you can deal with people like an adult . But slowly , But I find that the more I grow up, the more selfish I become .

No longer like the original eyes full of innocence of children in general , Think of yourself first , Think little of others , I thought it might just be an example , Just met by myself , I don't care very much , Hope is just an illusion .

But it's been a long time , After a lot of situations and relationships , I can always feel the diaphragmatic response , It's a little uncomfortable . I also often review and reflect on myself , Some feelings , There's something about it , Have I become a little less simple , The obvious thing is , That change is really growing up to become more and more intense and later .

Maybe it's because we've moved from individuals to our own groups , With my own consideration and measurement , If you want to do some frivolous and licentious things at will, you will be bound .

In the past, I always doubted that our elders were ridiculous about the everlasting friendship in our youth , And now it's not going to break itself , Some people have gone , And never came back , Some people are still , But no longer as simple and beautiful as before .

Maybe before we start questioning our changes , We have long believed in ourselves , I just can't admit it , Hold the last straw , Stick to your last pride , In the end, he was defeated on the road of reality .

Maybe that's the trouble of growing up , I've become what I used to hate .