The legend of getting rich along the ancient road

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Zhang Liang temple in Zibai mountain

Follow up ) The other man chimed in : I remember whether his surname is Zhang or li ? o , It's said that the surname Yang was written on the stone tablet , There's another Cao . alas ! What's the use of remembering ! People live forever , The grass lives all spring , If it's over, it's over , Let's talk about the people on the stone , Who remembers whether he was barefaced or pockmarked ! What's really memorable , Or this mountain , The river . Take Liancheng mountain for example , You can see it all the way in Baocheng county , From generation to generation, no one knows this mountain ? Even the animals passed by , We all have to climb this mountain . But it's all man-made . The whole thing of people , Only people know , For example, this word , There are several people who know ? How can you compare with the mountains and rivers ! So people are just like ants , In this world, the earth , It's very small !

Lin Guoben is listening ahead , It's funny . But when you think about it , Some words are quite reasonable , I can't help feeling , I can't help looking back at the boy who just spoke , People who want to run outside , I've seen a lot , So I have insight . I can only see the stone cave , There's a wooden bridge ahead , It's the plank road again , Lin Shengu gorge , Walking in the valley , The mountain is more and more dangerous . It's just a walk , Suddenly I heard a gong ringing in front of me , A group of people came out of the valley , There are forty or fifty people , There is an official sedan chair among the people . There are two pieces in front of the official sedan “ Solemn silence ”、“ avoid ” Tiger head , The people in front are beating the gong , Shout out “ get out of the way !”、“ avoid ”, Come all the way . Lin Guoben drinks his piggyback hand in a hurry , He tightened the saddle and bridle of the mule and horse , By the side of the road .

Plank road

But the road is too narrow , Ren is close to the roadside , There is no room for the officials and people to pass in a mighty way . The officials in the front are in a hurry , Hold up the stick in your hand and you're going to hit . There was a cry from the official sedan chair “ Stop !”, I called the sedan chair man “ stop ”. One door , Then came out an official . Majestic , Binocular like electricity , First, he said to the official :“ Such a narrow road , You don't know where they're going ?” Just look at the road , Stop the gong , Don't scare the mules and horses , And then to the sedan chair man in the back , You carry it slowly , I can walk for a while . He said to Lin Guoben : You've got the mule and horse , Don't fall off the cliff . All the people hastened to weigh it ! There are those two officers with five big and three rough positions , It's like the guard's , It's convenient , They rushed to protect the officials . A group of people walked through the dangerous place , I was relieved just now .

Lin Guoben quietly held his breath , Waiting for that team to go far , That's how we call our mules and horses . It's been a long way , Look back , See those people surrounded by the official sedan chair , Stop at the entrance of the stone gate , The official had to get out of the sedan chair , It's comfortable and straight sleeve , Look up , Look at the words on the stone wall , You just 、 Hungry and thirsty , Lin Guoben thought it funny . I think I've never seen such a big official before , The official is also very lovely .

Zhao Boli is well-informed , If the official is not a magistrate, he must be a Taoist .

“ Senior officials come out to seal roads . But this official didn't call him , Look at his guard of honor , Officials are not small !” People are talking about .( To be continued )