A ride in Kunming to Shiping ancient city in Beihai

2021-04-08 00:40:22  作者:Photography

From the first long-distance riding in Qinghai Lake ten years ago, I have been riding long-distance every year to see the scenery , Taste local food , Visiting foreign cultures , Record the delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful things on the way , Has gradually formed a habit .   Plan the route in detail every spring , Summer travel ,2020 Because of the epidemic, the route and itinerary can not be determined .   Finally, in the summer, the epidemic gradually disappeared , It's planned 50 Kunming, Yunnan for many days — Guangxi Beihai project .

(9 month 22 Japan )D8 Today, we plan to ride 50 kilometers from longpeng town to Shiping County , It began to rain in the middle of the night , It's raining all the time , The rain in Yunnan this season , Not at all , So slowly , Not at all , It doesn't stop , It's like a morning bus , People who are impatient can't stand it . Get up in the morning or light rain , I can't go out in this weather , Stay in bed . It was agreed that if the rain could stop before 11 o'clock, we would start , It's still raining. I'll stay in longpeng town for another day .

It's rainy at ten o'clock , Pack up and get ready ,,, After lunch, the rain stopped , Start at twelve , As soon as you get out of longpeng Town, climb a five kilometer slope , After 50 kilometers of ups and downs , Arrive at Shiping County at 4 p.m , I visited neiwen temple in Shiping ancient city , The ancient city retains a relatively complete collection of Ming and Qing architecture . Shiping has a long history , Profound cultural heritage , It's one of the few in Yunnan called “ The document is named bang ” One of the counties in China .

Confucius temple built at the end of Yuan Dynasty , It is one of the earliest Confucius temples in Yunnan , Well preserved .

Walking into the Confucian Temple , The temple is quiet and simple , Charactizing a fine spring . In an instant , It's like time goes by , Listen to poetry chanting , High mountains and flowing water , I also became a student of that year , Respectfully here, the blue lamp is bitter , Listen to the sage .

2013 year 5 month “ Ancient buildings of Confucian temple ” It was announced as the seventh batch of national cultural relics protection units .