Datong never sleeps

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Main light area ( Huayan Temple Square )

Datong, Shanxi , In ancient times, it was called in the clouds 、 Pingcheng , It is a prefecture level city in Shanxi Province , One of the central cities in the border area of Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia approved by the State Council 、 An important comprehensive energy base .2021 year 4 month 1 solstice 5 month 5 A light show will be held in Datong on the 21st , From Huayan Temple to Yongtai gate .

Datong is located in North China 、 North Shanxi 、 The center of Datong Basin 、 At the junction of Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia 、 The northeast edge of the Loess Plateau , In fact, it is the barrier of Jin Dynasty 、 Gateway to the North , And it's a summary of 、 Ji 、 The throat of Inner Mongolia , It borders Wulanchabu city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region across the Great Wall in the north , It is the vice central city of Shanxi Province , It's a place for military strategists of all ages , Yes “ The key to the North ” Known as the . Datong is one of the first batch of national historical and cultural cities 、 It was the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty , liao 、 Jinpeidu , There are many historic sites in the territory , Famous cultural relics include Yungang Grottoes 、 Huayan Temple 、 Shanhua temple 、 Hengshan Xuankong Temple 、 Nine dragon wall, etc , It's the first batch of 13 One of the larger cities 、 One of the nine ancient capitals of China 、 National new energy demonstration city 、 China Excellent Tourism City 、 National garden city . National model city of double support 、 National transportation hub city 、 China's sculpture capital 、 China's top ten sports and leisure cities . Datong is one of the largest coal energy bases in China , National heavy chemical energy base , Shenfu 、 The middle point between Zhungeer new energy zone and Beijing Tianjin Tangshan developed industrial zone . Known as the “ Phoenix ” and “ China's coal capital ” Known as the . 2019 year 8 month 13 Japan , Selected as the pilot city of national urban medical consortium construction .

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