They were defeated by themselves

2021-04-07 23:53:16  作者:Life journey

When you meet someone you hate , When it comes to unhappy things , In bad weather , In a bad state , These are the normals of life . But I really don't want to meet , Because it really affects the mood . Helpless is , The world is not perfect , There are always negative events like this .

So , In the beginning, they would choose to escape , But I can't escape , Because it has already entered the heart , It may take a day or more to forget . That's it , It's not something you've created , But it's self inflicted , Finally beat yourself , Brought a day of unhappiness .

So you have to beat yourself , It's really hard . It's like being unhappy , When I meet you, my heart is already churning , It may take a while to recover , But it's hard to suppress this idea when it's about to turn , In order to avoid unnecessary inner activities and influence yourself .

such , Then you have to exercise yourself , Exercise yourself to be anti human and control yourself . Because it's impossible to change the situation of bad things , You can't control the world , So we can only let ourselves make changes . Is ah , Born a , There is no escape from the fate of being changed by the world , From the date of birth , It's already being changed . But change also needs to be found in a good direction , After all, change has its advantages and disadvantages .

Of course , Also learn to accept , Accept this imperfect world . In fact, looking back , When I was unhappy before , Do you think many times that some are not so important , There are even some things , It's not as bad as you think , It's just that I didn't see the other side . Then we should also learn not to be surprised , Calm down first , Take a good look and think about it , Think again , I really think too much about some things , And cause an unnecessary result . In fact, a lot of times , I really think too much .

It's really a bad thing to beat yourself , Learn to beat yourself , Learn to accept , Learn to think , Don't let yourself beat yourself .

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