Familiar and strange road

2021-04-07 23:42:29  作者:Life journey

This road , I've been there many times . I'm familiar with this road ? It can also be said to be familiar with . But how familiar I am with this road ? That's strange, very . because , In addition to knowing a few sites 、 It's going through a couple of tunnels 、 Beyond the beginning and the end , I know nothing about it . before , What's the mood of taking this road , Now it's very fuzzy , It's like a drop of water can't feel an ocean . Now the feeling is very clear , It's like an island in the ocean —— Is not important , It's hard for you to calm down without going once . Once , I'm hopeful that , This is the way I go out and I come back , Next time it won't be me alone , I can introduce the green mountains on both sides of the Strait to her like a treasure 、 A winding river and the countdown to the finish line . However , The other way I came back this time —— Special train for me . When I came out , But they are in a hurry to catch a bus , I fell asleep in the car . I didn't wake up until I got to the end , What is it? ? escape 、 Unbearable degradation or blind deception ?

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