Xijindu, Zhenjiang, a glimpse of the Millennium (Japanese watch)

2021-04-07 22:53:42  作者:Photography

Xijindu in Zhenjiang , A thousand year old street , Zhenjiang has the most preserved cultural relics , Most concentrated , The most intact area . The scenery here is beautiful , Li Bai , Wang Anshi , Su shi , Lu You and others left famous poems here .

There are two cultural relics under national protection in Xijin ( Zhaoguan stone pagoda , The former site of the British Consulate in Zhenjiang ), There are more than ten cultural relics protection units in Zhenjiang . Xijindu has been carrying since the Tang Dynasty 1300 Many years of historical remains , It's not just called a “ Living history ”, It is also a historical and cultural exhibition area in Zhenjiang .

Xijin ancient ferry is located at the foot of Yuntai Mountain in the west of Zhenjiang city , It's a road with a history of thousands of years , Amazing ancient street . The whole length is only 1000 meters , But there are Qingshi streets since the Tang and Song dynasties , The stone pagoda of yuan and Ming Dynasties , Pavilions in the late Qing Dynasty , They're all buildings with unique styles , The stone gates built along the slope are antique , The inscriptions of historical celebrities on the lintel are clearly visible .

The old streets are covered with old bluestone slabs , On both sides are traditional houses and gables made of green bricks , It shows the vicissitudes of life ; The east section of the ancient street “ Zhaoguan stone pagoda ”, It's the only stone pagoda across the street in China , Visitors can walk under the tower .

We ascended Yuntai Pavilion, the summit of xijindu , Visited the former site of the British Consulate in Zhenjiang , Zhenjiang lifesaving Museum, China , Putuoyan Guanyin cave , Zhaoguan stone pagoda . In Guanyin Cave ( Small dock ) Wandering in a street , Enjoy the vicissitudes of the Ming and Qing Dynasties traditional houses and gables with a sense of history , On the bluestone Slab , Write full “ blessing ” Take photos of the ancient streets with Chinese characters and the brick walls of different periods . Jindu in Zhenjiang , A glance at the Millennium .