Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang (rigeng)

2021-04-07 22:52:52  作者:Photography

zhenjiang “ Jinshan Temple ” With 《 The white snake 》 Beautiful legend and famous at home and abroad , It's not just beautiful legends and charming scenery , Since the Southern Dynasties, Jinshan Temple has held a high position in the Buddhist circle , It ranks first among the four jungles of Zen .

Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province is located in the northwest of the city , It's 44 meters high , Five hundred and twenty meters a week , Three kilometers from the city center . In ancient times, Jinshan was an island standing in the middle of the Yangtze River ,“ Wan Chuandong notes , One island is neutral ”, And Guazhou 、 Xijin has become a horn , It's the main road between the north and the south , For a long time “ Suddenly, Tianli is in the middle of the town , Male across the southeast 200 States ” Famous for , go by the name of “ A lotus in the middle of the river ”. Until the reign of Daoguang in Qing Dynasty , It's just beginning to connect to the south coast , therefore “ Mount Jinshan by donkey ” For a time . Jinshan is more beautiful than nature , The scenery is beautiful , It has been one of the beautiful tourist attractions in China since ancient times .

There is a famous Jinshan Temple in Jinshan scenic area 、 Fahai Cave 、 Bailong Cave 、 The finest spring under heaven 、 Furong building 、 Yudai bridge, etc 40 Other scenic spots and historic sites , And every place has a moving myth and legend . Such as white lady flooding Jinshan Temple , Liang Hongyu beat the drum against the golden soldiers , Yuefei, Jinshan Temple, dreams, etc , With 《 The white snake 》 I'm famous for my legend . Jinshan Temple is listed as a national 5A Grade a scenic spot .

Jinshan Temple is based on the original , Furong building has been added , The best spring in the world , The area of the scenic spot is much larger than in the past . When we visited Jinshan Temple , The blue sky and white clouds , Jinshan Temple is dotted with blue sky and white clouds , Beauty is like a picture , The mirror on the main hall of Jinshan Temple clearly reflects the back mountain , On the main hall of Jinshan Temple, there are gold statues such as Yue Fei's resistance to gold . When we went to Jinshan Temple , Goddess of Mercy Pavilion , Fahai hall is under repair , Not open , Some regret .