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The story : This is happening in 2004 The real life and the real story of the year . The key university students who are about to graduate Ma Jiajue , He killed four of his classmates with a hammer .

In the eyes of the villagers , He is a very sensible child . Once my mother somehow , hold 100 I lost yuan . Ordinary people can't understand how sad she is , Frequent tears . It's something she irons for someone else 200 The income from a piece of clothing ! Ma Jiajue learned that , Working behind my mother's back , Take what you earn back 100 Yuan is in a corner . Then he took his mother and said :“ Damn you 100 The yuan is here .” Mom knows everything , He held his son tightly in his arms and tears fell down again . You know, he's a kid , only 14 year .

In the eyes of all the teachers who have taught him , He is a very hard worker , Very good students . He won the second prize of the National Olympic physics competition ,2020 College entrance examination results in 697 branch , With this score, he can apply to a first-class university in China , But to save money 、 Save tuition , Only Yunnan University . Because my father is sick all the year round , His family has no money , I borrowed money from my neighbors and relatives before I went to college nearby .

Because of poverty , He was discriminated against by his classmates in college . He is out of fashion 、 No confluence ; He often only eats two meals a day or only eats staple food without buying vegetables ; He doesn't go home in winter or summer , To earn tuition for a part-time job , It's also a way to save money ; The love letter he wrote to Xinyi girl was torn to pieces in public ……“ Ah , Ma Jiajue, go and get me a meal , I'll give it to you 5 Jiao Qian .” This is the tone of some of his close classmates , But he went , Because he needs the money . What is more , A classmate actually a bubble urine sprinkled in his quilt ……

Insult after insult , He has a long history of anger , Restrain again and again 、 Silence without explosion .

“ Does not explode in silence , To die in silence .”“ A man can't play with tears , Just not to the sad place .”“ The dog jumped over the wall in a hurry , Not to mention people ?” Ma Jiajue , Which sentence can accurately express your mind ? You finally can't help it , It broke out .

2004 The winter vacation in is not over yet , Because graduation is approaching , Some students go back to school in advance to look for a job . When I'm free, I play cards together , Ma Jiajue is a little smart , Win again at cards . Students who can't afford to lose rely on him to cheat , He's arrogant, insulting and talking to him . Afterwards, Ma Jiajue prepared a hammer , The waiter killed this classmate , In for a penny, in for a pound , He killed three other classmates who always bullied him , One of them has received a letter of acceptance for a graduate student .

Ma Jiajue's last , Moved the teacher and the police guarding him . On the way to escape after killing , He learned that the reward for his capture was as high as 20 Ten thousand yuan ! It is said that he called his middle school teacher :“ Teacher, I'm Ma Jiajue , I've committed a capital crime and I'll be caught sooner or later , It's better for me to tell you where I am, and you can report it , Take this 20 Wan, repair our school , Give my mother more if you have any left , Let parents live a better life , I feel relieved ......” In prison , He said to the teacher who came to see him : You see how handsome my dress is ( A prison uniform ), It's the most beautiful dress I've ever worn .” The teachers cried , At the same time, the police on the scene also cried .

gossip : Yesterday, my classmates and I talked about the Ma Jiajue incident , I think of it again 17 This brain shaking melon seed incident years ago . Four , No, five fresh lives , A promising son of heaven , What a pity ! I'm thinking about , What should the law punish ? yes , Life for a life , b. . But what was the motive for the killing ? Why ? Shouldn't we punish those who seem trivial , Cat and dog fighting , In fact, people who provoke others and have bad motives ?

Elementary school , I'm almost “ kill ” One dead . He and I are in the same year and different classes , Because of being big, I often bully this and that , I'm naturally on the list . Once I went to my class to find fault with me , Fists and feet , Swearing . There was a labor class that day , The shovel is on the right side of the podium , I went up and took a hand , Cut him on the head , When he's very evasive , The spade is on his back ! Good hanging , If he doesn't hide , It's dead ! After that, he didn't give me any more lewd threats .

I have no motive for violence against him for no reason , It's him who drives me . Whose fault? ? No, there's a saying called “ What can't be tolerated ” Do you ?

The phenomenon of bullying the weak in school days , Shouldn't it be punished by legislation ?

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