Meditation meditation training record (day 4)

2021-04-07 20:49:42  作者:Photography

【 Learning content 】 Release your thoughts, meditate and be compassionate

【 My harvest 】

Listen to these two learning and practicing parts today , Several times I was in a low energy state , A sleepy feeling , I've heard it several times before I've heard it all .

In the mind release section , I know to observe our thoughts from time to time , Observe the process of these thoughts , How to ? How can we go there? ? Which thoughts will come to you frequently ? But this part , I feel that I still don't quite understand how to operate , I need to hear it again and again .

In the part of compassion and meditation , I know that we should not only have compassion for others , You should also have compassion for yourself , Accept that you are not good enough , Accept your imperfections , Make yourself happier !

【 I can use it like this 】 When there are bad negative thoughts , Go and see it , And forgive it with compassion .

Today, experience meditation while walking , Feel the energy and beauty of nature !