Tea mother

2021-04-07 20:49:35  作者:Photography

Tea garden

The spring breeze miles

To make a hundred flowers bloom

Congcong green tea

Spit out the tender shoots of arrows

It's like the first bloom of a green pistil

Fragrance wafts over the valleys and streams

Pick this green

A basket of spring

Brush your hair with your fingertips

You are a

Green mountains and waters

Delicate flower girl

pick tea

In spring

Shine on the growth of all things

Pieces of tea

Spreading layers of green

It's like Jasper Crystal

Under the eaves, the light is shining

Let's dry the bed and jump

Render a bamboo plaque lively

Green clothes woven with both hands

You are a

Between the hedges of the courtyard

Graceful weaving girl


Spring rain patters

Accompaniment fire stove slow fry

Hands rolling

It's a huge wave

It's like a blue sea

The sound of waves rippling in the mountains and forests

Stir fry the soul

A ceramic pot

Arms shake the air

You are a

There's smoke all over the place

Clever tea lady

Dye green

In late spring

Tear up the catkins

Clear tea

Rippling out, cutting fine leaves

It's like water and algae

Slender waist, graceful and clear spring water

Sipping this delicious green

Taste the spring of a porcelain pot

Lick your lips with the tip of your tongue

You are a

Chunhe Jingming Lane

Happy quiet girl

Be happy