Green plum wine

2021-04-07 20:16:55  作者:Life journey

Qingming season , Besides eating wormwood cakes . There is also a fresh fruit in season . That's green plum .

Green Plum , It's also called sour plum . seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , It has a high acidity , It's better than lemon , What's more . Plus it's slightly bitter . So it's rarely eaten raw .

They are all processed twice , For example, our Hua Mei , Another example is making wine .

When Qingmei was on the market last year , There happened to be something at home , I can't get rid of the plum all the time , When I think about it again , It's all made .

I've been thinking about it this year , I went to the market after Qingming , Still don't see . Listen to the fruit guy , It's just on the market , The price is quite high , I dare not take the goods .

On hearing this , I searched a treasure right away , It's really expensive , Five Jin to 100 yuan .

I want to buy it , Look at the wallet. I'm holding back .

I didn't expect to go shopping today , I saw some green plum sold , Just ask 5 It's one yuan per kilo , And it's an old breed , The wine tastes better when it's soaked .

Decisive start, bought 20 jin . After go home , Get rid of it , cleaning , Then soak in salt water and disinfect , Then dry the water .

I checked the recipe online , Green Plum , Alcohol , The proportion of sugar is generally 1:1:0.5.

I've done it once before , I think the sugar is too high . I am a 0.8:1:0.3 More bubble . in addition , I also added a little dried osmanthus .

After soaking , There will be a faint fragrance of Osmanthus in the wine . I prefer .

ha-ha , Look forward to half a year later , National Day holiday , You can drink plum wine with floral fragrance .

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