Yesterday, today and tomorrow

2021-04-07 19:07:00  作者:Photography

In the twinkling of an eye, early April , Time past quickly. , The freshman year is almost over , I was still working hard yesterday , I'm confused again today , I don't know what will happen tomorrow , Only expectation .

I remember very clearly , April day of last year , I seem to work hard, but not so hard , All I know is that I tried my best , But the final result disappointed everyone who expected me .

I'm disappointed myself , But I know it's a settled result , Junior high school , I've worked hard to learn , Finally, I was admitted to our best school , however , I chose another school ,“ Better make chicken head , No Phoenix Tail ”, But? , later , I've made a fool of myself , When I was a freshman , I let all the teachers who were full of hope give up on me , Being the worst student in the best class , sleep , Skipping classes , Brawl , Turn over the wall , Smoking and drinking , Quarrel with the teacher , I did it all over again , Even the best English teacher for me will not come to the last row in the end , I won't even look at it again , That's it , I pushed myself into the abyss , Until the second year of senior high school .

Just as I thought , I was transferred to the worst class in the school , I still don't know why , Still like that , I have no interest in learning , Still in the last row “ Airflow ”, Idle away in seeking pleasure , It was not until later , The second semester of high school , I was transferred to the second row , Another table mate , Although I'm the worst in my class , But in the end, someone is awake , Some people understand , Someone's chasing , Some people go beyond , My deskmate belongs to the category of comprehension , At first he was , The same as me , Sleep during the day , Internet cafes at night , But so far I don't know why , Let him get up at five in the morning , I go to bed at twelve at night , On duty during the day , Endorsement brush title , Brush Title endorsement , It lasted for a month , At that time, I seemed to be awake , He reminds me of my ninth grade , I just woke up like that .

I'm back to where I was , With books , Sleep with the moon , He didn't give up his persistence , Also, I didn't give up my persistence , Until the end of the college entrance examination , People who are looking forward to it are looking forward to it , The Joker is waiting , When the results come out , Those who look forward to it are disappointed , The people who saw the joke also held back their laughter , Neither of us got into the undergraduate course , Just laughing all night in the bar .

I just didn't regret it , Yesterday's efforts , Today's persistence , Tomorrow's expectations . They're all lovely .