Take care of your body

2021-04-07 18:56:04  作者:Life journey

I hurt my shoulder by accident , It didn't hurt much when I just hurt , Who knows, get up the next day , I can't lift my arm , I woke up three times in pain when I went to bed , I wake up in pain as soon as I turn over , I got up in the morning. I got up .

Go to the company and ask my colleagues if I am different from yesterday ? She said it's no different . I'm happy , But I did it all day “ times ”, It's been a very sad morning .

It's the right hand , I'm a right-handed person , It's very helpless . I want to raise my hand and tie my hair , Sweating in pain , I had to lift my right arm with my left hand , A little bit of adaptation , To tie up your hair , And then I have to wash and make up , Ordinary things , It's hard to do what you have to do every day , Do everything with a sigh .

That's why I asked my colleagues , When she said it was the same as usual , I have a sense of accomplishment in my heart . Because I've experienced how hard it is for me to do this today .

There are a lot of daily life like us , But there are also a lot of people , Such a common thing is not common to them , It's hard to reach the sky .

Be grateful , Thank God for your kindness , Let's have a healthy body . We should cherish our body more , Make a good life .

Illness comes like a mountain , Dispelling diseases is like silk drawing . I often see it in the park , Some patients with cerebral thrombosis are recovering , It's hard to walk , When I was a child, I always thought that my body was my own , I can't even control myself .

Now it's ridiculous to think about the idea at that time , Once I fell asleep and pressed my hands , Wake up in your sleep , I found my hand numb , I didn't sleep well , I just don't think I can do it by hand , Don't listen to me . It's the kind that moves all the time , Completely out of control .

It's like this , I can't help feeling scared .

I saw a movie , The blind woman lost her sight because of an accident , After that, life is still on its own , It's two different things .

Every day is complicated , She learned a new way of life , Like toothpaste on your fingers first , Try how much better to put on the toothbrush before brushing , She has a guide dog , You have to rely on its company when you go out . She lost the job that was right for her , I also got a new job that suits me .

People are very adaptable , But if something goes wrong , You need to adapt , So the premise of doing anything is to be healthy , Love yourself all the time , The so-called freedom is nothing more than a healthy body, which can be said to walk on .

How many busy lives , In the end, it's a pity that there is no freedom , The heart is trapped by itself , Never get out of the cage of self-control .

No matter where you go, you should cherish the happiness in front of you , Happiness is an ability , Those who are truly happy are happy now , The future is also full of happiness . Believe in your resilience , Injuries are inevitable , Because sometimes you've been more careful , But there's no way to predict who's going to cheat , Hold you back .

My wound, even so , Ordinary elevator , But he was implicated by the old man in front and rolled down the elevator , Innocent victims . But after this injury , I want to take more care of my body , Enjoy the happiness in front of you , Accumulate more experience , Let the journey of life be full .

Not clinging to the past , Not afraid of the present , Future period !!

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