A ride in Kunming to the ancient city of Shiping in Beihai

2021-04-07 18:55:54  作者:Photography

Plan the route in detail every spring , Summer travel ,2020 Because of the epidemic, the route and itinerary can not be determined .

Finally, in the summer, the epidemic gradually disappeared , It's planned 50 Kunming, Yunnan for many days — Guangxi Beihai project .

2020 year 9 month 13 Nippon starts from Yanping station later ,9 month 15 We arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Province on the 8th to start this journey , Until 11 month 4 Flying back to Fuzhou from Beihai City on the afternoon of the 12th ended smoothly . Although I have ridden two long distances in Yunnan ( Once from Kunming to shangri la . once From Lugu Lake to Tengchong ,) And this time I chose to go to Guangxi , It can be said that the road is fresh every day .

(9 month 22 Japan )D8 Today, we plan to ride 50 kilometers from longpeng town to Shiping County , It began to rain in the middle of the night , It's raining all the time , The rain in Yunnan this season , Not at all , So slowly , Not at all , It doesn't stop , It's like a morning bus , People who are impatient can't stand it . Get up in the morning or light rain , I can't go out in this weather , Stay in bed . It was agreed that if the rain could stop before 11 o'clock, we would start , It's still raining. I'll stay in longpeng town for another day .

It's rainy at ten o'clock , Pack up and get ready ,,, After lunch, the rain stopped , Start at twelve , As soon as you get out of longpeng Town, climb a five kilometer slope , After 50 kilometers of ups and downs , Arrive at Shiping County at 4 p.m , I visited neiwen temple in Shiping ancient city , The ancient city retains a relatively complete collection of Ming and Qing architecture . Shiping has a long history , Profound cultural heritage , It's one of the few in Yunnan called “ The document is named bang ” One of the counties in China .

Come to the Confucius temple built at the end of the Yuan Dynasty , It is one of the earliest Confucius temples in Yunnan , Well preserved .

Shiping Confucian temple is simple and towering , But it's hard to hide the vicissitudes it has gone through . According to the Republic of China 《 The annals of Shiping County 》 Volume seven records :“ Shiping is from From Yuan Dynasty to Zheng Dynasty (1341—1368 year ) Jianwenmian , Building a temple , Build a school and set up a department , men of talent come out in succession . The Ming and Qing Dynasties witnessed the birth of culture and education .” The Confucian temple faces north from the south , Covers an area of 4257 Square meters , By the archway 、 Panchi 、 Dacheng Hall 、 Xianshi hall, etc . In the 14th year of Hongwu, the Ming army entered Yunnan , Wipe out the separatist forces of the Yuan Dynasty in Yunnan , The newly founded Confucian temple was destroyed in the war . After the regime of Ming Dynasty was stable , Twenty two years of Hongwu (1389 year ), Rebuilding the Confucian temple . And then after two years of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty 、 Large scale renovation and expansion in the fifth year of Tianqi . In the first year of Shunzhi in the early Qing Dynasty , Zhizhou Liu Weishi and Xuezheng Luo Tianzhu presided over the comprehensive renovation , Shiping Confucian temple takes on a new look , After many big earthquakes, it's still intact , However ,= There are many wood and stone carvings in the leather 、 The inscription on the memorial arch was destroyed , In recent years, after the gradual renovation of the government , The Confucian temple became quiet and elegant again , tree-lined . The establishment of Confucian temple , It laid the foundation for the people of Shiping to respect Confucius and Confucianism , It also laid the foundation of the famous nation of literature . It is a symbol of the mainstream Confucianism of Chinese traditional culture , It's like a living history museum , Take people to gaze at the changes of history 、 Ebb and flow .