Just a few words to talk about your life

2021-04-07 18:32:29  作者:Literary FM

We are always struggling in despair , I always think I can see hope , The fear is that there is no hope .

I never thought I was a good person , At least I'm not a bad person . When you come across a lot of things that you can't get back , You will understand , You are so small ; What is the hope , You know the literal meaning , And the more profound is always elusive .

It's five minutes from the mountain, and I think , What the hell do I want to do , What I want to do , What can I do , A lot of problems , I didn't even explain myself , You trapped in the abyss , Always catching the last straw , And then struggle . I always think , When can I meet someone who is pulling you ? I want to go ashore very much , But I can't struggle any more .

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