Singing with fragrance in your mouth

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My life is, of course, a babysitter , It's not self mockery , It's the truth , No exaggeration .

“ Mom ” This identity has been identified for six years ,“ Mother-in-law ” The laurel was also put on the head . With an outsider like me , Because I bought a house , Living among a group of local residents , Recognized by them , Call me the neighborhood , become “ Mother-in-law ” First class people , It's not easy , It's about as difficult as being a spy inside the enemy .

   In this neighborhood inhabited by old local residents , If there's garbage in the corridor , There must be an old lady with Beijing accent , Use the corridor echo to talk about how bad the unscrupulous outsider is . It's not easy for an outsider to be regarded as a neighborhood , It means that it's none of my business to do something bad in the local building , No more suspects . Get mixed up in this , It means that I've been officially integrated with the moms here , I'm emotionally involved , All the local housewives' experience can be safely taught to me . My baby's diplomatic ability is very important , Since her parents are not sociable , Babies pay great attention to correct their congenital genetic deficiencies , It's very polite to meet people , Say hello all the way , Grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt . The baby's face is ripe , I've got it too , No one knows my name , But they all know that I am “ Han Han Ma ”, That's enough . I'm in a place far away from my family home , Just after 30, I was honored to be rated “ grandma ” Professional title of , My mother-in-law is more worthy of the name . 

   The reason is simple , My neighbor has a “ Run five ” My wife , Working in Kindergarten , Children are used to calling her auntie , I just follow the child's name , Call her big sister . The elder sister's son is 267 , I got married and had children last year , The child is old , Take it out and play . I met , The elder sister asked her grandson to call me “ grandma ”, Call baby “ aunt ”, I am a fright , I haven't thought about the issue of seniority carefully . Her son and daughter-in-law are as old as my sister , Not a few years younger than me , I can be their elder ? I'm honored to be a little embarrassed . The elder sister broke her fingers and explained the reason in detail , On the rise of “ In the neighborhood ”. I had to nod my head , If you let me show “ grandma ” You're so kind , Touch the little head of the neighborhood grandson and say , Ouch , I haven't seen you for a few days , Our grandson has grown up again , It's a bit cheeky , I'm sorry to say . Nothing baby can say is wrong with this “ gu ”, Cry and say :“ I haven't grown up yet , I just want to be a sister to my little brother .” Ever since I became this neighborhood “ grandma ”, I saw the neighborhood grandson's father , Tall, fat and black , A man who looks like Lu Zhishen , It's been identified as me “ Big nephew ” 了 , I can't help laughing , In order not to laugh , When I saw him, I took a detour .

   The baby doesn't know the benefits , I'm in the babysitting group , It means that I have a sense of security in my life , It means it's surrounded by acquaintances , These acquaintances may be mixed with me on the street for a long time , reach old age . 

   Another characteristic of my becoming a babe is , I can watch the weighing plate skillfully in the vegetable market , Every day with a handful of change, I review the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of grade two of primary school several times , I'm happy to talk about the market of firewood, rice, oil and salt , I'm very familiar with the peddlers in the nearby vegetable market .“ Ripe ” A concrete example of this is , One day I went to buy steamed buns by bike , Baozi is back , The car was left in front of the shop . I went out the next day and found “ I lost my car ”. After a month , I think of eating steamed buns again , I went to the bun shop again . When people see me , Relax , Here you are , Push your car away . What car? ? The old car I thought I lost . The little boss of baozi shop pushes my broken car out in the morning and back in the evening every day , Waiting for me to pick up the car —— For a whole month . I was going to sell that old car to a scrap collector , It's only ten dollars , I don't think it's cheap , Look, I can still ride , They don't sell , After this toss and toss , I think it's appreciated . Let the boss of the steamed bun shop work hard for a month , Is it easy? ? In the eyes of moms , It's oiled , Change the accessories , I can ride for another ten or eight years . The owner of the bun shop , The reason why I didn't throw this old car in the garbage , Of course, I'm a part of his family . People who live , Who doesn't care ?

Mom's friends are so funny . Granny Liu in the front building , Tell me how to embroider and steam vegetable balls , How to plant in the corner of the building 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Passion fruit and Hosta in the garden ; Sister Zhao in the back floor told me how to pickle , How to marinate eggs , How to fry vegetarian meatballs . The Dragon Boat Festival , I want to be lazy , Aunt Shi downstairs has already sent me a bunch of wormwood planted by her family , Tell me to hang on the door to ward off evil spirits ; The opposite aunt Gao sent a large plate of hot zongzi for my baby and me to eat while it was hot ! Sex ! My lazy heart suddenly disappeared , Hurry to eat rice dumplings and tell your baby the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival . And I often share fruits and vegetables from my own vegetable garden with you , When I'm away, I'm looking after my baby playing downstairs , The clothes and quilts were hanging out and dropped to the ground to help me pick them up …… Those moms , They let me stay away from my mother's family and enjoy the kind care of my mother's family .

   I can't do without the cooking oil and salt . I am right. “ With fragrance in his mouth, he held his knees and chanted ” I have a great experience . I'm under the stove “ Hold in one's eyes ” What's important is that the food is delicious , The smell of lampblack .“ Hold your knees ” There are always , Standing in the kitchen for a long time , If you have a sour waist, you have to rub it . When I was a child, my grandmother sat under the stove to add firewood , I often rub my legs in my spare time . Now it's my turn “ Hold your knees ” I rubbed my legs , Sometimes I have to break my leg , Hammer leg ,“ Chant ” You can't sing , Who can I hum to . Motherly people “ Chant ” It's nagging , I used to be afraid of my parents' nagging . But unfortunately I found that , Recently, my baby often says that I am :“ Mom , You say it again and I'll remember , Don't think I'm stupid , You always say the same thing to me .”

   Now I'm interested in “ A flower a world , One sand, one heaven .” I also have a deeper understanding of the proverbs of .“ One onion, one world , One garlic, one heaven ”, And so on , I use things in the kitchen to make a lot of these sentences , Make the kitchen boundless . Is there anything more romantic than the title of "mother in law" ? Cool day 、 The wind 、 Snow and rain can't stop me from running to firewood, rice, oil and salt , The whole family is starving , I have to go for food .

   When it comes to new year's Day , The more I miss growing up , What I've been through “ womanishly fussy ” People . The women who feed and care for me , Some are no longer alive , When I think back, my eyes are dim . I can't think of them any more . I'm tired of them , I used to hope to stay away from them . When I become a mother, too , Only then discovered , It's the details that make life so full , Make the day like the old quilt I like , gaudy and showy , The flowers are in full bloom , The leaves are full of green , There is also a beautiful picture of the magpie singing and standing on the branch . Return to this beauty , What a down-to-earth and sincere feeling .

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