The second time to buy a Book shell, the second time to sign up for a writing class

2021-04-07 15:35:22  作者:Life journey

2021 year 2 month 24 Japan , For the first time in Shell Island 207 Yuan bought 3000 Jane Shubei , I signed up for the second issue of teacher Qi Fanqi 28 Tianjingjin camp .

today , Spend again 128 Yuan bought 2000 Jane Shubei , In order to sign up for Mr. Li chachai's 28 Three days of basic writing .

Mr. Li chachai 、 Mr. Qi Fanqi , I've heard a lot about celebrities and writing trainers in Jane's book , But I never thought about learning from them . Who I was then , I just want to record my life in a simple book , Express emotion , Never thought of turning words into cash .

But that's what people are , There are different ideas at each stage . Just like this, I , No longer willing to record in self hi style , I also want to learn from my teacher , Make the words more meaningful , It makes more sense to .

The first time to participate in the second issue of teacher Qi Fanqi 28 Tianjingjin camp , It begins with 3 month 4 Japan , End at 4 month 1 Japan . meanwhile , Follow the teacher , Follow your classmates , Learned a lot , And I got a lot of . The biggest gain is the good teacher and friend on the way of writing and the change of thinking . Unfortunately , The last week , Because of my mother's illness , Failed to complete the clock in request on time , I didn't achieve the expected results . But Mr. Qi Fanqi added it attentively 129 The reward of Bei , It's kind of a comfort . The consolation is not just that 129 shellfish , It's also a kind of affirmation of our efforts .

Now? , The third writing and reading camp of Mr. Qi Fanqi has also started , There is also a half price discount for old students . But time and energy are limited , I can't continue to study with Mr. Qi for the time being . As mentioned earlier , One of the biggest gains from following teacher Qi is the change of thinking . I've learned from teacher Qi Fanqi , I want to see something different with Mr. Li chachai this time .

Xiaobai is like me , What we need most now is to open our eyes , Increased insight , Improve yourself .

I hope that through two to three years of efforts , Follow the teacher 、 With all my literary friends , To reach the other side of my heart on the road of writing .

Last , Attached is a wechat picture of Shell Island , To friends in need , In case friends need it , Like me, after many twists and turns , Just bought the bamboo book shell .

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