Filial piety, respect for the elderly, dumpling feast, outing and pear blossom festival

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Xiaoshan jiaozi banquet for the elderly , The pear flower festival

In the pear garden, Zhao county village is full of love

New media alliance news ( Hao primary school Li Fengmei )2021 year 4 month 4 Japan , Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival . Most festivals in China are held in the form of beautiful 、 Reunion is the core , Only Qingming , With deep sorrow .

Qingming season , Ancestor worship , Let's not forget the dead ; Outing , Tell us to live well , Experience cherishing life ; Let's put the kite , Reposing our missing . Qingming , Wish to light a heart lamp , Farewell to the dead ; The days to come , Cherish the person in front of you ; Live well , It's the best consolation for the dead , thus , Tomb Sweeping Day is regarded as the Thanksgiving Day of Chinese people .

In this unique festival , Dekang pear planting professional cooperative in Zhaoxian County of Shijiazhuang city combines this festival very well , They held " Xiaoshan jiaozi banquet for the elderly The pear blossom festival ”, It's not just about remembering the dead , And respect and love the old , We also need to use excellent pear planting technology to help our parents and villagers walk on the road to prosperity , It can be said that killing three birds with one stone , Welcome by the villagers . Professor Ge from Hebei Agricultural University , Hao primary school, chairman of the national new media alliance , professor 、 Painter Li Fengmei , Volunteers Xia Yun and others were invited to participate in this activity . On the horizon 、 Flowers are in full bloom 、 Enjoy spring in the picturesque pear garden , Feel the culture of filial piety , Feel the new trend of harmony and friendliness .

According to Agricultural University Graduate 、 We are committed to making our hometown rich as soon as possible 、 Female college students returning home to start their own businesses 、 Zhang Huiling, founder of Zhaoxian Dekang pear planting professional cooperative, introduced , It's the second time that such an event has been held . It's about activities , Carry forward the culture of filial piety and kindness , Set up the civilization of local style , Be a moral person , Promote and improve the planting technology of villagers , Brand building , We will carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation .

After years of hard work , Cooperatives have developed , Have the 2000 More than mu of pear garden . The cooperative specially employs experts from scientific research institutions to guide the pear system , Produce pears 、 sales 、 Integration of technical services , Develop sustainable agriculture , Focus on the production and sales of high-end pear . For the existing snowflake pear , Yali Pear , Crown pear , New pear 7 Number , Red crisp , Yuluxiang , Autumn Moon pear , There are more than ten varieties such as Fengshui Pear , All of them are planted by enzyme ecological method ; Production is moving towards ecology 、 scale 、 mechanization 、 The four modernizations of labor saving development ; The main brands are Li Li and Ji Hongye , The pear produced is green 、 health 、 delicious ; Extended Sydney cream , Sydney slices , Pear paste sugar , Lollipops are popular among consumers . Li Li ecological pear planting story , By CCTV 《 Nongguangtiandi 》 And 《 The pear garden feelings of female college students 》 He made a special report , Cooperative base 2018 Years been rated “ Women's modern agricultural science and technology demonstration base ”,2019 In, the cooperative established a two-dimensional code traceability system for pear ,2019 Obtained the national green food certification in ,2020 The cooperative was designated as a farmer's field school in ,2020 In the first pear King competition in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, their pears won the gold medal ,2020 In the 21st China Green Food Expo, their products won the gold medal .

Filial piety is the first of all good things in the world , Filial piety and respect for teachers 、 Loving mother and respecting the elderly , It is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation . Rural revitalization , Building a harmonious new countryside , Build filial piety for the elderly 、 Love the old 、 The social trend of helping the elderly , Let more people know the customs of traditional culture , Filial piety and kindness 、 The spirit of respecting the elderly , Village committee of Tianzhuang 、 Caring volunteers and other caring people , We have jointly organized this unique activity of respecting and loving the elderly , Get good reviews from the participants .

The scene , Dozens of caring volunteers work together , Some roll dough 、 Make dumplings with stuffing 、 Some use pear wood to help cook dumpling water in two large iron pots , Some of them receive old people coming in succession , Some give out pears produced by cooperatives for the elderly , Some perform their own songs and dances ; Far away guests and friends will seize the opportunity to enter the pear blossom sea to hear the fragrance of flowers 、 Dig wild vegetables 、 Shoot pear flowers , Leave an unforgettable memory . Rich content , Various forms , A loving atmosphere , It's unique to watch the program in pear garden , So that the elderly feel the warmth of the social family , Enjoy the spring of the year of the ox . We all sit together , Eating dumplings made of wild vegetables and vegetables , Just sweet pears , Talking about the new century and new journey , Talking about the neighborhood , The cooperative family has once again added “ home ” The smell of .

This festival is very special , Everyone said in succession , We should strive to be a practitioner of morality and goodness 、 The striver for a better life , A grateful person with a sense of home and country , Make persistent efforts , Shake off your arms and work hard , We will work together to contribute to the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy , Walk with love , Let love spread all over the world .