Taizhou Taoyuan, Xinghua lizhongshui forest, qianduo cauliflower, Pure Land Temple Pagoda (rigeng)

2021-04-03 08:23:28  作者:Photography

700 A century ago , Marco Polo once praised this place “ The city is not big , But there's a lot of happiness on earth ”, It's Taizhou . The noise of the old streets in Taizhou , The silence of Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall , Let me feel the two flavors of small town .

《 The Peach Blossom Fan 》 It is a legendary play written by Kong Shangren, a literary writer in the Qing Dynasty , Taizhou Taoyuan is famous for Kong Shangren's former residence , In the season of Peach Blossom , Taoyuan is adjacent to the old street of Taizhou , Peach blossom in full bloom , Pavilions, terraces and open halls , Simple and elegant, visitors like weaving .

Xinghua Lizhong water forest scenic spot , It's similar to xiantaomengli water area , The difference is that there is water in the forest , There are fish in the water , There are birds in the forest , Egrets are flying about in the air , Black swans roam freely in the water , Peacock strolls in the courtyard , Wobo gallery bridge , In February, the sea of blue flowers is beautiful , Picea, metasequoia, misty mirage, like a fairy, like a dream , picturesque , The content of negative ions is very rich , The air is very fresh , Enjoy the scenery on foot in Lizhong water forest scenic spot , Feast for the eyes , It's a kind of enjoyment .

Xinghua qianduo cauliflower scenic spot , Because it's not the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday yet , Plus it's raining today , There are very few people in the scenic spot , It is in sharp contrast to the sea of people in the lookout tower many years ago . Compared with years ago when it wasn't developed , Qianduo cauliflower scenic area has built a larger Tourist Center , Built higher buildings , Added animals , Statues of characters , Added the landscape of white wall and Daiwa , More vendors have been added .

Overnight stay at Wenyou Middle Road, Gaoyou city 197—40 Hao Rui and hotel ( Holiday Inn Cui Ji ), Standard room 100 element . At night, I saw the pure land Pagoda in the night light of Gaoyou .