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Aunt and Tong Tong


It was taken during the Spring Festival

I like to read biographies recently ,

I saw Han Baolin , Teenagers , He can do it all from memory , One hundred and eight water margin in the comic book will never fall to the ground .

Have a gift , But then I suffered , In suffering , He insisted on painting , Become a generation of painting masters .

so , Suffering can exercise one's will , So-called , I can't beat you , Make you stronger .

evening , You must be dreaming : There is a small alarm clock in my dream , Up and down the stairs in the hospital , In my dream, I vaguely saw a high school boy in school uniform , Probably dead , Only his soul , There will be ;

I feel sick in my heart , There are regrets ; It's like he's a myeloma patient , Later, there was heart failure ;

Maybe , High school boys , His life is lost , The heart lost its way , Can lead to physical illness ; Maybe , It's just a dream ; Maybe ……

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