The red thread of marriage

2021-02-23 18:47:35  作者:Life journey

“ thump-thump-thump ” The knock on the door broke the peace in the house , I open the door , It's Sister Zhang on the fourth floor . Sister Zhang comes in , Mix your breath , Say it in your usual loud voice : You're at home ! Is your girl at home ? I'll tell her something !

I told her that my daughter was not at home , Let her come in and sit down , The elder sister refused to , say : no need , No need to change shoes . Then the elder sister introduced the boy's situation like firecrackers : The boy is from Yangzhou , It's sister's neighbor , Both parents are doctors . He himself went to the University in Nanjing , Now I'm a network engineer .

Then the elder sister said that this family is more loyal and reliable , She knows a lot about , That's why I gave my family a matchmaker . Elder sister said : I think your family is very harmonious , Everyone is good , Girls are good too , I don't dare to talk about bad people !

I thank you for your kindness , What Sister Zhang said was very sincere , I think we can get to know each other . The elder sister asked me to give her the child's telephone number , Young man , Take the initiative , Let's chat on wechat to see if we can get along with each other , If we can develop, we can meet each other .

I wrote my daughter's phone number to her . She took my number , I left with a smile .

I don't have much contact with this elder sister , Sometimes we meet in the building , Smile and say hello . The elder sister is very talkative , Always pull me to talk . I know from her conversation that she lost her husband in middle age , Living with my son and daughter-in-law , Help them take their grandchildren and daughters .

Big sister's labor insurance is very little , She said it's not easy for her son to have two children , So she would pick up some paper boxes when she was free 、 Plastic bottles are sold to subsidize household use . I feel sorry for my elder sister , There are oil buckets or packing boxes for my daughter's online shopping at home , I'll take them downstairs , Put it in the stairwell , Tell her . The elder sister will tie them up after a while , Sell it to the waste purchasing station . Every time she saw me, she laughed and said : Thank you , You are a very kind person .

To me, it's just a matter of lifting a finger , Make the most of the recyclables , It's also a very meaningful thing ! I didn't expect that elder sister would remember . This new year back to Yangzhou hometown , See the guy next door , She's familiar with , I think the character is good . I asked him to find someone , She was told that there was no , She immediately thought of my daughter , I decided to be an old man under the moon , Take a red line , Hope to achieve a good relationship .

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