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2021 year 2 month 22 Japan Monday Fine

In today's society , Full of anxiety 、 Panic , In the past two years, the fear of infectious diseases increased in COVID-19 , Before that, many people were extremely worried and afraid of cancer , And there's a cancer phobia .

Maybe with the air pollution 、 smoking 、 The addition of carcinogens to food 、 Radiation of radioactive substances 、 The aging of the population and other reasons , It seems that more and more people around us are suffering from cancer . People talk about cancer . I remember the despair of one of my colleagues who suffered from lung cancer more than ten years ago 、 Painful eyes , When I saw her for the last time , It felt like her soul was suffering in hell . I still remember a few years ago, a high spirited leader collapsed after suffering from liver cancer , Babbling me about how his body feels , Panic filled his voice , I kept comforting him . In less than a few months , He went to the end of his life .

And one of my family members is in his prime , After suffering from rectal cancer , Once a soldier, he said to me “ I've been through too many trials of life and death in my life , Now I'm in my seventies , I've seen most of the scenery in my life , There are not many things in the world that I miss , What is cancer ? What is death ? In my eyes, it's just an enemy without threat , I'm not afraid of them . The old man is still alive after the operation a few years ago .

Have a good attitude 、 Tough people , Don't panic about cancer 、 Fear . Such people are always in a certain degree of stability , Always not for the outside wind and rain or their own disease threat and excessive tension and worry , Always keep a good balance in your heart , They are open-minded 、 Live at ease , So it's not easy to get cancer . And I've met many cancer patients of the same age compared with normal people , Sensitive and neurotic people are prone to cancer . People who overreact to the outside world and the body , Often the risk of cancer is higher . And there's nothing to be afraid of 、 A calm man , Those cancers will be daunted .

Even in case of cancer , Those people are optimistic and positive 、 People who believe in absolute cure have a higher cure rate , contrary , The more cowardly it is 、 Pessimism and disappointment 、 People who are depressed about it , The lower the cure rate . I have a patient , More than ten years ago “ Endometrial carcinoma ”, She is a farmer , I didn't go to school 、 What book to read , however , She always had a belief , It's the belief that you won't be defeated by cancer , After a few months off from surgery , She is still in the field , I don't think I have any serious problems .

Maybe thanks to her not to be discouraged 、 Stick to the way forward , She has been healthy all these years 、 Live energetically , I think maybe cancer is afraid of being so strong and courageous , So this patient can recover . actually , Cancer cells, like parasites, are attached to the human body , On the surface of it, it's gnashing its teeth 、 imperious , Actually , It has to get nutrients from its host to survive , In essence, it's just a servant , There's no need to bow to it 、 Servile . He who meets the brave wins , It's just a big deal , What's so terrible about such an enemy .

What's more, it's also cancer cells , But they look different 、 Born in different parts of the human body , The degree of malignancy is high 、 devils 、 A fierce bully , Some are listless 、 Slow growing . The existing covert work is well done , The normal tissues of the body have been surrounded by cancer cells in all directions , There are also cancer cells that we recognize as soon as they appear . There are both active and abnormally militant elements , There are also peace keepers of the status quo . Cancer cells are always attached to human emotions , Their destinies are also very different .

Cancer is not terrible , The key is your attitude and emotion towards cancer , A good friend of mine suffered from breast cancer. After surgery and radiotherapy, he was neither anxious nor irritable , She is very calm , Grow flowers in your own villa 、 Planting trees , Plant all kinds of vegetables on your own fields , Except for self-sufficiency , I often send some fresh vegetables to my friends . She often invited us to her villa to drink beer in the moonlight 、 Eating barbecue 、 Talk of everything under the sun . She is optimistic and forward , Said to me, :“ I'll enjoy my life with you !” I think the reason she was able to fight cancer 、 Preventing cancer from further developing 、 It's all about her good attitude to prevent recurrence .

And many people have surgery 、 Chemotherapy was successful , But there's a relapse that leads to death . A distant relative of mine has advanced cervical cancer , I asked the best experts to give her a plan 、 Surgery done , Everything was successful , however , She worries about relapse all the time , Always so depressed 、 uneasy , Nothing can make her happy , She often sleeps all night , It's harmful to mental health , It didn't take long for her to relapse .

If she can forget about cancer , Take it easy , Do what you want to do most in your life , So the blood is flowing , Increased resistance , The body is full of vitality . Actually , Cheerful spirit 、 Looking forward , Cancer is not terrible , The prognosis will be good .

In the near future , Published in 《 British Journal of Hematology 》 A special case on : A patient with malignant lymphoma , After infection with New Coronavirus , The tumor almost disappeared . This name 61 Year old patient , It can be said that it's a long way to go , First a kidney transplant because of severe renal failure , Results the transplantation failed , I had to do dialysis all the time .

after , And then there's lymphadenopathy 、 Symptoms of weight loss , After going to the hospital for examination , Diagnosis of advanced Hodgkin's lymphoma . This is a unique type of lymphoma , The disease initially occurred in a group of lymph nodes , Cervical lymph nodes and supraclavicular lymph nodes are more common , It can spread to other lymph nodes , Late vascular invasion , Spleen involvement 、 liver 、 Bone marrow and digestive tract, etc .

It never rains but it pours , He then had difficulty breathing , Found after readmission : And infected with New Coronavirus. . Because it's not particularly serious , In the hospital 11 Days after symptom relief , He was sent home to recuperate , period , No immunochemotherapy or corticosteroid treatment .

4 After a month , My God “ send ” I gave him a big gift , Go to the hospital for reexamination ,PET-CT Show , Most of his tumors disappeared , And tumor markers are down 90% above .

This case , The patient was infected by New Coronavirus , And eventually the tumor almost disappeared , Maybe it's after the virus , Activated the autoimmune system , Successfully inhibited the growth of the tumor and killed the cancer cells . It's just an example , But similar cases of self-healing are not uncommon in history , It is usually associated with acute infection 、 Have a fever 、 Immune stimulation and so on , The human body's own immunity is really wonderful 、 Too complicated 、 Too strong , There are still opportunities for survival .

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