Ocean Lake Versailles

2021-02-23 18:32:29  作者:Photography


I said,

The Ocean Lake is not beautiful at all

Plank road

It's just

When the sun is shining

The sky is like blue velvet

The lake is as quiet as jade

the waters and skies merge in one colour

Warm air flutters in my arms

When it's windy and drizzle

The willows are soft

The reed sings in harmony

It's not cold to blow noodles

Wet with clothes

Nei Hu

It's just

The ferris wheel is spinning in the air

Children laugh like petals

The cruise ship is floating on the lake

Rippling like music through

The plank road extends along the lakeside

Walk as fast as you can

Flowers and trees roam among the clouds

The reflection is graceful, like a soft wave brushing my heart

The buildings are surrounded by the sky

Cars and horses run like running water and flying dragons

The blue sky

I just said

The Ocean Lake is not beautiful at all