"Maldives" in the circle of friends

2021-02-23 18:32:24  作者:Photography

recently , In the circle of friends, I often see a new parent-child park on the other side of Tongdu bridge , Sunshine, sand beach, clear water, blue sky , The microwave is sparkling and the tourists are weaving , At first glance, it looks like Maldives .

Yesterday at noon , We're in the square “ Noodle House ” I had some Chongqing food , Just ride straight to your destination .

The weather is awesome , It rained a few drops on the way , The sky suddenly became grey , It seems that there is a possibility of Rainstorm at any time . Looked at the cell phone , It is said that the light rain turns to overcast , It shouldn't change , Keep riding , While enjoying the scenery along the way .

In about ten minutes , terminus ad quem , It's a real flash . There are many people on the golden beach , Adults and children sit or squat on the sand , Feel the slippery sand with hands and feet , He said and laughed , Chasing and fighting , happy , It's peaceful . Although the weather is not good for travel , But it doesn't affect people's desire to enjoy the beautiful scenery . At the end of the beach are pebbles of different sizes , Cobblestone gradually into the blue river , The river reflects the towering buildings . A breeze through , It's sparkling , It's really seaside .

During exposure , Full of pleasure . But the pleasure is quickly destroyed by the bad environment : The flowers and plants carefully planted in the park are trampled on at will ; It is estimated that one of the lamp posts was uprooted before the power was turned on ; Toilet paper is everywhere , White plastic bags in the call of the wind , Exist everywhere , All over the place ; It's even more ugly around the snack cart , Various cartons 、 Coconut shells 、 Bamboo stick , Mineral water 、 A drink bottle , Leftovers 、 Snacks that fall on the ground …… Everywhere, , It's all over the floor , have everything that one expects to find . There are many children in full view , Pick up the stones on the bank, float in the water and stir up the water , Act recklessly and care for nobody , I'm familiar with you !

The park was originally for people's recreation 、 It's a relaxing place , How much outdoor time is there for parents and children , It's not just for personal gain , And forget the merit, forget the original intention , Let the garbage nibble away , All the damage ! Out of doors , Be sure to control your hands and feet !