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2021-02-23 18:31:48  作者:Photography

Uncle 、 My aunt is in her eighties , Still living in a small village in the country , Seeing that the old man is still healthy , Happy to climb the landlord's Hill , Overlooking the village , Because I was born here , There are too many childhood memories left here !

Standing on a hill , The scenery at the foot of the mountain is very clear . Now , A lot more houses , And from the former Shun Shan trend to Hengshan trend , Tile roofed houses replace thatched houses , There are no pedestrians in the street , There's no one walking around in the yard , This situation reminds me of what my cousin said during the chat :“ Now everyone's gone , All the people who live here include , More than 40 people , If you invite the whole village to dinner , Four tables is enough ”. The low surrounding mountains can't be connected with the tall image in my childhood , But it reminds me of cutting trees with my father when I was a child 、 Cut wood 、 Cut sweet potato strips 、 It's a kind of medicine 、 Re rake , Dig wild vegetables with my mother 、 Picking up mushrooms 、 Pick up acorns 、 Pick up hazelnuts , Pick wild flowers with friends 、 Pick red in the mountains 、 climb up a tree 、 Next “ The earth falls apart ” The magpie in the mountains . On the hill that I have to climb when I go to school , The little girl who walked for more than two years “ Mao Dao ” There is still a , But the oak trees in the mountain are gone , The hills are bare . The former “ Retting flax ” Catching toads in the pool 、 Catch loach in the river 、 In the grass “ Leiwozi ” The meadow has been occupied by the house . In the past, some houses of 21 families were replaced by new ones , Some were razed to the ground , The few that still exist are uninhabited . thankfully , The old house where I was born ( At that time, four generations of nine people were crowded in this small house ) still , It's a warehouse , The original yard turned into a field , The tree in front of the window used to be “ Salix mongolica ” Trees , The big plum trees in the three gardens in front of and behind the house 、 Little plum tree , There are about ten kinds of apricot trees , All kinds of sand fruit trees , There are also two favorite mulberry trees and a small apple tree are gone , The mangroves on the hillside to the north of the house disappeared completely .

Comparison between the present and the past , A lot of emotion . Now , There are many houses , There are fewer people ; Life is good , There used to be many fruit trees in every family 、 The scene of the river rushing is gone . I miss the disappearing meadow 、 Oak forest 、 Big pear tree 、 Mangroves in the mountains , And the two windlass wells that have been buried , I miss the carefree life at that time …….

The thought was interrupted by a shepherd's cry , A flock of sheep walked out of the village in his voice . Couplets and Fu characters pasted on the door of a family and red lanterns hanging on both sides , Full of festival atmosphere . Thank you very much that the owner of the old house didn't tear it down , Let me get close to her again , And let myself have a better idea of here !( The picture was taken in 2021.2.22)