Shenyang children's Fair

2021-02-23 18:31:40  作者:Photography

This time [ Children's Fair ][Children_s Fair] It will be in Shenyang North Hotel 1F In the Golden Hall , And this time [ Children's Fair ][Children_s Fair] The three interior bases have also been upgraded


2021 The interior base is reloaded and upgraded , Create a 100 day free studio in Shencheng , It's for 100 days baby , No other age groups cross shoot , Bid farewell to the traditional shooting mode, baby does not need to help , You can still look up Sit up straight Shooting position 、 The style is changeable Baby is not hard Mom, don't worry . A hundred days free studio , The space is large , Lots of scenes It's easy to shoot convenient Security health 18 The rest of the theme is shooting freely .


Babylon spent a lot of money building 2021 The theme of the year 《 Dream castle 》, This scene is based on the underwater world , Take Disneyland as an example , Create again . Suitable for children 2-7 Year old shooting , Parent child photos , Boys and girls can be in 《 Dream castle 》 Find your own world in the world .

New Swan

With the upgrading of the children's paradise brand to Marissa , Provide a higher end service experience , And comfortable shooting experience , New Swan has made a big upgrade from the service area to the shooting scene to the rest area , On the basis of high-end, we have made a more high-end leap .

among , Both Odense and new Swan have new children 《 Nordic trends 》 shop , Enriched 1-2 Baby's shooting style , Meet a variety of shooting needs .