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Want to solve the problem , First of all, you need to know what your problem is ? I'm too easily led by the nose by the outside world , The reason for this is that I don't have my own plan , Even things that are planned may not be accomplished . This kind of thing has been done for several years , Up to now, I still have no ideal , People without ideas .

7 It was said to me years ago , Also made a lot of planning for me , Even wrote down the steps of how I should do it . But I still don't want to do what others tell me . I can only do it under the existing conditions , Do what I can in my limited time .

When you're young, you can tolerate wrong attempts , Over and over again , Now this courage and strength gradually away from me , Or to put it another way , I'm running out of time , No longer optimistic , And no longer impulsive .

This is a very terrible thing , Because it used to be the most important quality in me . Even if I don't have a plan , Even if I don't have an ideal , But I'm positive , I feel like I can do anything in the world , If I wanted to . I'm impulsive to do whatever I want , Never hesitated . Up to now, he has fallen into an unprecedented state of inaction and laziness .

What the hell can I do , Make yourself a better person .

I can't fight like I did when I was young , The same time tactics , Because my current status does not allow me to have so much free time . Now I'm in my normal state , But I can see that deep inside I don't want to accept myself . I had a dream last night , Sweat with two this year 9 I'm retiring in June .

Now I feel so fast , The world suddenly became strange , It seems that I can't catch up with the rhythm .

Will I spend the next 40 years in this state ?

I know I don't want to , I'm not willing to give up . But what can I do , If the daily plan can be completed bit by bit , Even if I succeed . So why not start from one day 50 Page book begins , Or start with mind map reading , If you succeed in a day, give yourself a big hug , I need positive feedback from others , Maybe we can start with our daughter , If you finish reading, get some encouragement from your daughter .

People need to be linked , We are not an island , We need positive feedback from others , It's not fun to fight alone , I need a team now , One can walk fast , A group of people go far , But where do I look for such people ?

Oh, my God , Please give me such a partner .

from 2021 year 2 month 23 The day begins , My goal is to write more everyday 2000 word , read 50 page . Hold on for a week and get a big hug from your daughter , For a month, reward yourself with a new backpack , Insist on giving yourself a new computer every year .

Day watch 2000 word , read 50 page . Big hug for a week , A new backpack in a month , A year for new computers .

Finally, after so long silence, we have a new goal ,2020-2021 During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2003 , I always get depressed , I hope to start with writing , Let yourself have a higher starting point , More progress , Make yourself better .

My ultimate goal is to be healthy, happy and rich 99 year .2021 Seven years is the fourth year of my life , It's the fourth year of my life writing , I still haven't made any appearance , It's already a shame . My biggest hope this year is to be able to really explore and discover the areas and directions that I am interested in , For example, big Chinese , I can learn from scratch with my kids , To lay the foundation of words again .

Then I am a primary school student this year , I want to recite all the contents of primary school Chinese , And ancient poetry 、 The ancient part , The reading list prescribed by the Ministry of education 4 Years ago, the struggle was in 2 All grades are finished , So the child will be more relaxed in the future .

starting point

The workplace is the workplace , Do as much as you can at work , Because you can't change the partners at work , What can be changed is my working attitude and working method , Do what you can in the workplace , There is no way to do what can't be done , Because in front of the big machine of the system , There's too little you can do .

Besides making a screw , The most important thing is to be a slash youth , Build your own core competitiveness , Like writing , For example, reading and summarizing the knowledge system related to work , There also needs to be a workplace at work , In this frame are the bricks you need to use , Some are square , Some are round , No matter which leader is in power , I need to have my own position and work ideas , This is a qualified professional .

We're here to work for the country , Serve the people , But it is not in the interests of the country and the people , What this thing does is wrong . Even if we can get more benefits now, we can't , What's more, there are no selfish occasions , We can't do nothing .

At least it is to accumulate a little knowledge of work every day , Build your own knowledge framework . Write... In it 1000 Words are OK , outside 1000, The combination of inside and outside can make you grow up better , Because I don't want other people, especially my own children, to be stupid , I want my children to be like me , Always keep a good growth state , When she arrived 40 At the age of , I can also feel what I feel now , Instead of feeling the despair of my parents .

I've worked hard for many years to let go of the negative energy accumulated by my family , Start on your own path , This road is really not a bright road , I lost my way when I was walking .

I want to give up many times , Fortunately, I always pull myself back at many critical moments , Go away and come back again and again . It took me a lot of energy , But maybe the world is such a rule , This is the way of life .

The boss once said , It's easier to live in hardship than in prosperity , In this way, we won't forget ourselves , To grow . The boss must have gone through this road , It's not easy to go that way , That's why he earnestly exhorted , I hope we can go on this road better , This is also his career .

And I'm not a persistent person , It's easy to give up . It's easy for such people to start , Although it's in another direction , But fortunately, I didn't really give up , Keep trying .

I hope I don't forget , Today is still a big harvest . It's done 2000 The day of the word is more , You need to read 50 Page book , It can also help children communicate and interact with each other , My laziness will lead my child's life into some unknowns , I wish myself and my children a good harvest this year , So start sowing now .

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