A hundred day essay (82)

2021-02-23 17:44:29  作者:Photography

Last night, I got on the light rail of line 3 at Liangkou light rail station , My wife received a call from her daughter from Australia , This conversation goes from light rail cars to buses , From the bus to my sister's home , It's more than an hour . The process of chatting is also very comic , Now and then listen 、 Sometimes “ Mm-hmm ” The reply 、 Sometimes he laughs 、 From time to time, I express my opinion , Nearly ten thousand kilometers apart .


What are you talking about for so long 、 So happy ? And in terms of time , The time difference is two hours faster , It should be midnight . Mother and daughter for a long time , I haven't been chatting so much , It's like a car all the way 、 All the people in the car are shielded . Occasionally, my wife will send my cell phone to my ear , Let me hear what my daughter said , Let me also echo to say a few words . What are you talking about ? Naturally, it's our grandson, sister and brother , The topic is old , The content is innovation . Recently, my sister told mummy , What do you have in mind , I want to tell Mommy ; He also said that he had a good social relationship in the class , Everybody wants to play with her ; I also said that I met something I didn't like in school , It will show on the face , Teachers will find themselves listening to ideas . When it comes to my brother and sister, although they have a good relationship , But interest 、 hobby 、 The style is very different , My younger brother is calm and quiet , Work meticulously and pursue perfection . Recently I began to learn piano , When I get home, mommy has to practice three times , He has to put pressure on himself , Five times 、 Eight times 、 Ten times , Until I am satisfied . This high standard 、 Be strict with , It's not just about practicing , And in all aspects of doing things , It's like a little obsession with primary school bully . My daughter also talked about the cultivation of the time concept of my sister and brother , I used to wake up in the morning, even though I was reminded many times , It's still a long way to go ; Now leave the time to them , On the contrary, vigorous and resolute efforts have achieved remarkable results . From my daughter's uncontrollable joy , We can feel the good intentions of our daughter and son-in-law as parents , Feel that they're working on their own , The priceless sense of achievement you've gained .


My daughter told us , Recently, little sister Zhu Zhu has been saying , Why don't grandparents come back ? What's the taste of the food my grandfather cooked , I can't remember clearly . Not long after the call , My daughter sent audio pictures from wechat , There is a complete set of picture books recently bought for my sister and brother 、 There are drawings that my sister hasn't finished yet 、 And my younger brother's recent picture selection homework ……