Enjoy the plum in the plum garden.

2021-02-23 17:44:18  作者:Photography

Yesterday afternoon , Several of our boxing friends are invited to xiaomeiyuan near the county . It is located in the fringe of urban and rural areas , A small cement road leading to Meiyuan , I met a lot of people who drive to enjoy plum blossom , And we walk to . The temperature has risen sharply these days , The sun goes from gentle to hot , Along the way , We take off our cotton padded jacket , Changed into a single , Walking for nearly forty minutes , To reach the destination “ Plum Garden ”.

Although Meiyuan is small, it still has to be charged , Ten yuan per person , be cheap and at the same time very good . Come into the garden , I don't know that many plum blossom colors have faded down , Falling English everywhere , Obviously the plum blossom is withering . Because after the plum blossom season , Forget the ,“ Chimonanthus praecox is blooming in the cold , Wei has a secret fragrance …”. The poem of .

Listen to the tourists , At first the plum blossoms were in full bloom , The charge is higher , Twenty yuan per person . Plum trees are planted on a hillside , It is surrounded by mountains on three sides , There is an open field to the East , There are about hundreds of plum trees , There are Huangmei , red plum , White plum , Purple Plum , There are camellia, too , Miscellaneous trees , In the middle of spring, there is a scene of flowers in the fields !

Twinkling of an eye , It's more than five , Westward declines the sun , There are fewer and fewer visitors to the garden , It's time to go home , We walked home in twos and threes , The end of this wonderful day tour !




This is a poem sung by some ancient scholars .


Tourists take pictures there as a souvenir ! Leave a picture full of enthusiasm !



Corridor entrance .


This is the corridor of poetry and painting !



This is the entrance to Meiyuan ,