My mother sent the steamed buns to my unit, and I felt full of maternal love

2021-02-23 17:15:14  作者:Life journey

In the world, only family is the warmest .

In my past experience , What makes me feel the warmth of my family is the year before last .

My grandmother is seriously ill , Everyone in the family is worried , My mother is the eldest daughter and has a good heart , I can't leave my grandma alone .

As soon as I have time , My mother will take care of my grandmother , Because my mother has three sisters , There's a brother up there , There's a sister down there , But they're jealous of each other , I always think my grandmother is the closest to my mother , Just let my mom take care of it , After a long time, my mother's heart is not balanced , I lose my temper a lot .

Especially when my grandmother was late , My mom hates going to the hospital , She always complains for no reason , At that time , The atmosphere in my family has been very low .

I find , My relationship with my mother , My dad gave my mom a little bit of a crisis , I found my mother a little out of place , I'm even less concerned .

In my mother's eyes , I'm married now , She doesn't care , Not to mention heart to heart . occasionally , Oh, I always want to call her when I feel uncomfortable and wronged , But I always think there is a cross ditch between us , Unable to communicate .

At that stage, my mood was also super bad , I saw my mother-in-law treat my husband and me so well all day , As soon as there is something delicious, keep it for us , But she's about to do it , The more disgusting I am .

Later I understood , It's because I lack love , To see my mother-in-law care about us like this makes me angry . I complained to my husband that my mother-in-law would buy us anything , In fact, my heart is longing for my mother to do the same to me , At that time, mother's love , For me, it's a kind of extravagance .

Because the place where Grandma is hospitalized is very close to my unit , Walk about 5 Minutes away , As soon as I have time , I would sneak to see my grandmother .

Even though my mother is second , But I was the first to be born , I've been obedient since I was a child , My grandmother is the closest to me , I also developed a deep relationship with my grandmother .

On that day , I just finished my class , My mom called , She said that the buns she made , You're going to drive it to me . At that time, my music blossomed , Although I really want to eat my mother's steamed buns , But I think it's hard for her to take care of my grandmother , I still don't want her to deliver .

My mom still came in the car , I said hello to the master of the reception room , Straight into the campus .

When I saw my mother carrying a bag full of steamed buns , I have tears in my eyes , I can feel my mother's love deeply , I can also understand that maybe grandma's illness has hit her too hard , She can't afford to love me .

I'm carrying buns , Jumping all the way back to the office , And happy to say to colleagues in the office , The buns my mother made for me , You all have a taste .

Mr. Liu in the office is a good man who loves his family, wife and children , He saw it and said with a smile , Your mother is very kind , Can't you wait until you get home ? She also specially brought it to you .

I'm not happy to hear that , I feel my mother's difficulty , I'm not mature and sensible , The feeling of not being loved is gone .

It is said that some people use childhood to cure their whole life , Some people use their whole life to cure their childhood .

Maybe , When I was little , My parents often work hard outside , In order for us to have a good life , But they ignore the company of their children .

I'm very brave , Because I often watch the door by myself , Sometimes I go to my neighbor's house , If it's too late, I'll stay at night . At that time, I was envious of the children accompanied by their parents , Even if they eat pickled vegetables and steamed bread every day , They're all super happy .

The original family really has a great influence on people , I hope we can all give more love to our family , Let love flow , Our family will be more and more happy .

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