A day by the sea

2021-02-23 17:15:03  作者:Life journey

2019 In the summer vacation of , I went to Hailing Island in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province , I had a great time that day .

The car is flying on the highway , There are rolling mountains along the road , Lush trees stand on the hillside , Don't know the name , Inlaid with stones of different colors , At first glance , I thought it was cattle and sheep lying still and eating grass .

Soon to Yangjiang , The car goes through the city , Along a narrow path , You can see the dark mountains , The sea is rippling , The mountains seem to be rocking with the waves , There are many local fishermen wearing hats on the road , A face blackened by the sun , Drive by in a hurry , The car is full of local fruits and some local specialties , The green branches of sugarcane are dragging on the ground , Make a brushing sound .

Finally, we got to the beach , ah , What a vast sea , The emerald sea roars , Make a deafening roar , Standing far off the coast , Can feel that kind of thrilling shock .

In calm shallow waters , There's an enclosed beach , Many tourists are playing in the water , I'm in love too , Join them . White and delicate sand under your feet , Soft , With the afterglow of the sun . There are many black rocks on the shore , Washed clean by the sea , It's like little buckwheat buns .

All of a sudden, I found a lot of holes on the reef , It's like a sieve , If you look carefully, , It seems that there are a lot of small insects squirming . Get closer , It turned out to be a lot of little crabs , It's black like a little ant , Some climb out of caves , See the light of day , Running around like a headless fly , I didn't realize that someone was waiting to catch me . I caught several in a row , Look in the palm of your hand , So cute .

I carefully put them into the mineral water bottle , It's full of sea water , Holding these babies , Very happy. , It's a day by the sea , It's unforgettable .

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