Life is also scenery

2021-02-23 16:48:20  作者:Life journey

Through a long life , There have been joys and sorrows , There have been ups and downs . It's like a train to the distance , Passengers with no return tickets go through different stages of their lives , I've seen the scenery along the way , Finally to the end of the road .

When I was young : We're always looking forward to growing up , Live a free life , I used to think that my little companion would always be there , Later I found out how naive I was at that time , Life is not what you want to be , But it's the past to read ; In a flash, we came to the time of youth , With more opportunities , But also left a lot of regret . So some people will say :“ Youth is a passing wind , When the wind blows , Who hasn't shed tears .” We have never thought what our youth will be like , But in our constant encounter and experience, we find that youth is a flowing galaxy with brilliant fluorescence , Brilliant but also extremely short . We don't have time to stop , There's no time to say goodbye . With a hot heart , Want to try all kinds of new things . But I only wish my youth , You can in these green years , Make an effort to , Cherish the present , Compose a memorable movement . Time is like running water , We finally come to the age we once envied , But find out how hard life is . Shuttling through the streets of the city every day , You can't avoid spending money all the time . For cities , We're just walking through people ; For us , We are fighting for life , Fight for your family . Now we are , It's always good news but not bad news , There are many little secrets in my heart , Try to face everything with a smile .

In this life, people look for , Through the world of laughter and tears . I just hope you can see more scenery on this train , Remembering the past is more beautiful , Leave no regrets and go to the end of the train .


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