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Live delivery

Red fire

Internet star

Come on stage in succession

No idea.

E-commerce website

Has become

A big stage

ad locum

Internet star

Play to your heart's content

Enter the e-commerce platform

I don't know if you value

Wang Hong's performance

Or the quality of the goods

It is said that

Seeing is believing.

Live delivery

Across a screen

Whether seeing is believing or not

It's said that live broadcast brings goods

Some have deviated from their original intention

Eye candy grandstanding

Peddling fake goods

Cheat consumers

It's chilling and heartbreaking

May we all have a pair of wise eyes

Not to be deceived by appearances

Remember Sanlu milk powder

There were also star endorsements

The original net red and commodity itself

It's not the same thing

Combine the two

It's just to attract people's attention

have ulterior motives

I hope that when you buy wanghong products

Be rational

Don't be fooled by the illusion

No matter how popular the Internet is

Or stars with goods

Responsibility and integrity

Is essential


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