Encounter a different urban dusk

2021-02-23 14:16:31  作者:Photography


Wind dance mobile phone shot

Come to the swimming pool on the roof of this hotel in the center of the city , It's dusk .

This evening , So quiet , So intoxicating . Let you forget the traffic in the city , Forget the rules of urban jungle .


Wind dance mobile phone shot

I especially like the light at this time . Dusk is like a jar of sweet and mellow old wine , There is a kind of indescribable confusion and temptation in the warm light , Let you dance with the light , A taste is a drink ……

Dimly watching the setting sun sprinkle through the window lattice , In the calm water gradually cast beautiful light and shadow , It's like riding a time train , Looking out of the window at the world flying by .


Wind dance mobile phone shot

Fierce not Ding , I think of the sentence that Xue Xiaochan said :

The more pattern and atmosphere people have in their heart, the farther they go . She doesn't care about gain or loss , She's more concerned about walking in the direction of light , Where there is spiritual brightness and religious belief in the heart , There is a broader depth of awakening . The best self is not to compete with others , It's about finding a better self , Even I don't know the deepest self in my heart .

one 's mind settles as still water , It's quiet .

Calm down , You won't be easily disturbed by the noise of the outside world . Like this pool of water , In a busy city , Also enjoy the quiet alone .


Wind dance mobile phone shot