Three Gorges "Pearl" shining in China

2021-02-23 14:15:49  作者:Photography


The powerhouse of the Three Gorges left bank power station

The Grand Three Gorges Project , It has become a wonder of the world .

Maybe you've visited the grand dam , I've also experienced the double track five level lock “ when the river rises , the boat floats high , The boat falls low ” The magic of , But you may not have visited the crew hall and seen the total weight close to 5000 Tons of giant - water turbine generator set .

Single machine capacity up to 70 Megawatt units , The Three Gorges project has been installed 32 platform ( Left bank power station 14 platform , Right bank power station 12 platform , Underground power stations 6 platform ), The annual power generation exceeds 100 billion kwh . It's like a dazzling pearl , Inlaid on the mother river of rooster type territory , Shining in China .

Look at a spot and know the whole leopard . I am a participant in the whole process of the construction of the Three Gorges Project 、 witness . I'm honored to be a reporter at the opening ceremony 、 River closure 、 The temporary lock is navigable 、 Initial impoundment of the reservoir 、 The first generation of units 、 The permanent lock is navigable 、 Open diversion channel closure 、 The whole dam is poured to the top and other major project nodes are interviewed . On the left 、 Right bank and underground powerhouse unit Hall , I have watched the whole installation process of several units in different periods .

On the occasion of celebrating the Spring Festival , Mr. Zhang specially introduces the units of the Three Gorges power station : Readers can see the following pictures , Understand the aesthetic taste of steel structure , Feel the magnificent mood , Share the heroic spirit of China's Three Gorges builders in the golden age !


Spiral case installation of underground power station on the right bank


Turbine volute


Hoisting the runner of the water turbine generator set

The runner of hydraulic turbine is one of the core components of hydraulic turbine , The diameter of 10.4 rice , Gao Yue 5 rice , weighing 450 Tons of , It costs more than 3000 RMB 10,000 yuan , It's very difficult to make .


Generator rotor


Hoisting of generator rotor


Generator rotor , It is the heaviest part in the whole hoisting of hydraulic turbine unit , The diameter of 18 rice , The weight exceeds 1800 Tons of , Installation clearance only 3 centimeter , It's hard to imagine .


Celebration of the commissioning of underground power station units

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