Zhou Guoping's classic quotations

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  1. Although there have been countless leaves in the world , There will be countless leaves , Even though all the leaves will fall , I still have to sprout my own buds .
  2. There are two kinds of gains from reading , First, through reading, I know that I didn't know 、 And there's nothing , What is gained in this way is called knowledge ; Second, through reading, I know what I have but don't realize , These are my own feelings , But it's like sleeping all the time , Now awakened and activated , And as a result, it grows 、 Bloom 、 The chance of results . What you get in this way , I call it wisdom .
  3. Many people call maturity , It's just that custom has worn away the edges and corners , Become sophisticated and practical . That's not maturity , It's the premature decay of spirit and the extinction of personality . Real maturity , It should be the formation of a unique personality , The discovery of the real self , Spiritual results and harvest .
  4. I always believed , All noble emotions are ashamed to express themselves , All profound experiences are inferior to words .
  5. The quality of all communication depends on the quality of the communicators themselves , Only between two people with rich souls , Only in this way can we have truly touching love and friendship .
  6. Pain and joy are the self enjoyment of vitality . The most sad thing is the lack of vitality , No joy , No pain .
  7. Something interesting in the world , Including poetry , Alcohol , philosophy , love , It's often useless . Chanting useless poems , Drunk with useless wine , Reading useless books , It's useless , Finally become a useless person , But because of it, I live happily .
  8. Any good enjoyment in life depends on a clear heart , When a heart becomes turbid in the low bustle , It has neither the ability to enjoy quiet , I don't have the ability to enjoy the real carnival . 

  1. The day doesn't go away , Because it's hidden in the heart of the night .
  2. Everyone's eyes are open , But it doesn't mean everyone is looking at the world , Many people hardly use their own eyes to see , They just listen to people , The world they see is always what others say .
  3. One man makes the world , But I lost myself , What's the use , The real Savior is in each of us , It's the quiet self .
  4. Life and spirit are the most precious things in people . God give everyone a life 、 A heart , Take care of your life , Settle down , Life is perfection . People's most precious things , One is life , The second is the mind , And if you can enjoy the real life , Have a rich mind , It's happiness . Happiness lies in the simplicity of life and the richness of spirit , Morality lies in the goodness of life and the nobility of spirit .
  5. mature , But not sophisticated , Still have a childlike heart ; succeed , But not vanity , Still have a normal heart .
  6. Good love has toughness , It's easy to pull , But it's not going to stop . Lovers do not bind each other , It's a sign of their confidence in love . No one limits who , In the end, no one can do without anyone , This is true love .
  7. People should have a source of happiness in themselves , It exists in everyone , It depends on whether you dig and enrich it . This is your heart .
  8. Life is purely accidental , So every life has to be attached to another life , stick together and help each other in difficulties , Go in groups . Life is purely accidental , So every life doesn't belong to another life , Like a gust of wind , without a tie in the world .

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