A ride from Kunming to 10 Guandu ancient town in Beihai

2021-02-23 12:14:43  作者:Photography

From the first long-distance riding in Qinghai Lake ten years ago, I have been riding long-distance every year to see the scenery , Taste local food , Visiting foreign cultures , Record the delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful things on the way , Has gradually formed a habit .   Plan the route in detail every spring , Summer travel ,2020 Because of the epidemic, the route and itinerary can not be determined .   Finally, in the summer, the epidemic gradually disappeared , It's planned 50 Kunming, Yunnan for many days — Guangxi Beihai project .  2020 year 9 month 13 Nippon starts from Yanping station later ,9 month 15 We arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Province on the 8th to start this journey , Until 11 month 4 Flying back to Fuzhou from Beihai City on the afternoon of the 12th ended smoothly . Although I have ridden two long distances in Yunnan ( Once from Kunming to shangri la . Once from Lugu Lake to Tengchong ,) And this time I chose to go to Guangxi , It can be said that the road is fresh every day .

( 9 month 15 Japan )D1 After a day and two nights journey in 15 Arrive at Kunming railway station at 8 a.m , Get off to the right side of the station. After picking up the car, ride to Guandu ancient town more than ten kilometers away to live , After lunch, I visited the Yunnan Provincial Museum next to Guandu ancient town 、 Visit Guandu ancient town .

Guandu ancient town is famous for its profound history and culture Well known far and near , Although historical and cultural relics have been damaged , But important historical and cultural remains have been preserved . Those in the ancient town A courtyard wall made of snail shells and clay , Still standing in the wind and rain . A hundred years of local people still exist , It's rare. .

Slowly along this road , You will come to the bottom of a round tower , Look at the round shape , There is a sense of spirit from afar , Maybe there's a story you don't know , Carrying countless people's unknown thoughts .

The original name of Guandu is “ Holes ” It's a fishing village on the Bank of Dianchi Lake . The clouds and water are misty here , There is no wave in the wind , The scenery is picturesque . As early as the Tang Dynasty ,“ Holes ” It is the ideal place for the king of Nanzhao to visit Dianchi Lake . Song dynasty , Around the 1180 - 1190 Year , Garrison “ Shanzhan ” The exercise of the high birth , Often take a boat to visit the cave . The ship's rope is on the shore , So they named the cave “ Guandu ”. Gao seems to have a special love for Guandu , Simply put Guandu as a place under their direct jurisdiction , Guandu county is located in wodong , And built cities .

It's no better than other ancient towns , There are countless intersecting lanes , There's only one main roadway , There are two side roads on both sides , So simple , It gives people a sense of simplicity ,