Dialogue in spring

2021-02-23 12:14:36  作者:Photography




When the North was a world of ice and snow , The temperature is climbing in the south , The highest temperature today is 29℃, People have changed into summer clothes . It is said that “ Little spring ” It's cold in spring at the annual meeting , While the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming , We came to the flower fair as scheduled .

After the warm winter, the flowers seem to have been waiting there , The grass is full of flowers , It's so colorful, it's so delightful , It reminds me of the blind date meeting of flowers , It's full of fun .




I think you should have seen this kind of spherical flower , It will produce many small flowers to form a complete big flower , It looks like a big hydrangea , So it's called hydrangea . Hydrangea has many varieties , There are more than 40 varieties . Because the country of origin is in the United States and Europe , So many varieties have a foreign name , Like a butterfly pod “ Marissa ”,“ Mary Milton ”,“ Pink Bella Anna ”,“ Princess Diana ”,“ Camilla ”. Some of the names are amazing , Such as “ The magic princess ”,“ Magic moonlight ”,“ Energy lime ”,“ Endless summer ”,“ Huashouju ”,“ Love your kiss ”,“ Snow dance ” etc. , Enough to magic your aesthetic imagination and curiosity , Go and find out one by one . The big purple Hydrangea I saw at the Expo , I'm not sure if it's called “ Endless summer ”, The name is very similar to the summer here .




These strings are called digitalis pubescens , The flowers line up . Mouth down , The flower is bell shaped , So it's also called bell flower . It comes in a variety of colors , white , Pink , yellow , Purple and so on sways with the wind, like strings of wind chimes , But it's different from Campanula , The shape of Campanula is wider and shorter , And the bell flower is a little longer , And the petal inside has the color spot to be more attractive .

I like the wind in spring , Because it's not as windy as winter , It's not as dry as the summer wind . The spring breeze is gentle , It blows the flowers red , Blowing green grass , Brush the cheek, still with the fragrance of flowers .


There is a kind of flower that looks good but can't name , Its durability lies in its changes , Each flower of the same kind has different stripes and spots . From a distance, it's like butterflies dancing in the grass and flowers .

Looking at this beautiful picture, I was thinking , Life is like a butterfly , There is a feeling in every place , Cherish the flowers when they bloom , Flowers will be remembered in life .

Like a butterfly wandering in the beautiful flowers , Savor the scenery along the way , Singing and dancing all the way , All the way , Leisure and freedom , Waving wings with a wisp of flower fragrance .



The grass is covered with all kinds of flowers , Bathed in the golden afternoon sun , It's brilliant , Look! ! The red tulip is playing the harp , The purple Hydrangea on one side is the best audience . Whispers between flowers , Shiny metal ornaments use arc reflection , Will be laughing and laughing The crowd , Around the tall buildings 、 Trees and flowers get together , With a slight wind , It's like a hot conversation in spring .

“ Look at the weather , The sun is shining !”

“ Yeah , There is no haze of the epidemic and the desolation of the streets at this time of last year , Daily life and travel have basically recovered , Let's have fun !”