Revelation of life (2)

2021-02-23 12:13:47  作者:Photography

writing / Lanyuan

Yesterday is my memory ,

Today is my life ,

Tomorrow is my dream .

Simple and simple ,

There are many difficult things in life , Unforgettable things and people

There are many dreams that you want to realize . The sophistication of a chicken feather . It's not good to be obsessed with yourself , That's a thing, too ,

Entangled in the past emotions, how can not come out , Laziness is in getting up early , Stay up late , Playing on the cell phone .

In the life span , It's exhausting energy . Once you've lost your life , All buried in the earth . Just like the old aunt yesterday .

occasionally , Looking at the old man in front of me , I'm afraid that I'm too old to walk .

We only walk in the world once , Love yourself well , Take a look at the scenery , Get to know some people who are destined for you .

Do what you want to do . Live in today's Day .