Yangpu, Chengyi is released for you! The five richest cities

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Cities around the world have different degrees of development , Cities are not the same , And there are many more affluent cities , Next, take a look at the five richest cities in the world .

1、 New York

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-02-23

New York is the largest city in the United States, as well as the world's economic center and one of the world's three financial centers , The specific geographical location is in the northeast of the east coast of the United States , The population of New York City is not very large , Only 849 ten thousand , But the population of the New York metropolitan area , More than the 2000 ten thousand . stay 2008 New York controlled the world in 40% Our financial capital , It's the largest financial center in the world , New York in 2018 In the year ,GDP, More than Tokyo , Reached 8746 Billion dollars . The New York Stock Exchange has a median market value of the world's largest listed company , The market value in the world is 15 Trillions of dollars , And there are more than 2800 Three companies are listed here .

2、 Tokyo

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-02-23

Tokyo's per capita wealth is about 2.5 Trillions of dollars , It's a relatively prosperous city in Japan . Tokyo is a city in Asia , The economy is very high , It's the richest city in Asia , The tourism industry here is also very developed , The enterprises in the city are developing very fast , And the bustling city life , It's an important attraction . Tokyo belongs to the Japanese economy 、 Administration 、 Cultural center , Tokyo is the transportation hub of Japan , The daily passenger flow can reach 800 More than ten thousand , Tokyo has the number of headquarters of the world's top 500 , Second in the world . The per capita income of this city is high , It shows that people's quality of life is very good , It's really one of the wealthier cities in the world .

3、 London

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-02-23

London , It's the capital of England , The largest city in Europe , Juxtaposed with New York, the largest financial center in the world . The average daily wealth is about 2.7 Trillions of dollars . A very rich city in England , It's well known all over the world , There are also many people from all over the world , Travel to London . London is on the plains of southeast England , Across the Thames , It's British politics 、 economic 、 Culture 、 Financial centers and world famous tourist attractions , There are a large number of scenic spots and museums . London is also a financial city , stay 2015 in , London GDP Reached 5535 Billion dollars , Rank third .

4、 In Paris,

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-02-23

Paris is the largest city in France , The second largest city in Europe , French politics 、 economic 、 Culture 、 commercial centre . The capital of Paris has been built 1400 Years of history , It's not just France , It's also a politics of Western Europe 、 Economic and cultural center , Paris is a city of history 、 The city of food and creation , It is the famous art capital of the world , The hometown of movies , The birthplace of the modern Olympic Games , In the world's four major international metropolises , There's also a place in Paris .. stay 2015 in , Paris GDP Reached 4500 Billion dollars , Fourth place . In Paris, , It's known as the fashion capital 、 romantic 、 Art capital 、 The world's flower capital , It's also the busiest city in the world .

5、 dubai