Meng Changming: a day in the mountains

2021-02-23 12:13:19  作者:Photography

A corner of Tianchi mountain in Suzhou

On Monday, the gallery is closed , Take advantage of the early spring breeze , I come to Tianchi mountain to see the stones , The landscape of Suzhou is generally beautiful , The stone array behind Tianchi mountain is like an iron wall , It's a big story , approach , But it's just like a northern bearing .

What is the nature of the picture , If you understand the staggered stones, you will understand the opposition and balance between the composition of calligraphy and seal , I don't know that every word is romantic and every place is a second's insinuation . Mountains and rivers turn , the vicissitudes of fortune , Material is always the basis and representation of spirit ,“ If the mountain is not high, there will be immortals ”、” It will be the worst , The hills are small ”、“ A rain of pear blossoms , Wet some clouds in Huangshan Mountain ”, With me after all “ I don't know the truth , Only the body in this mountain ” Come on, come on , therefore , I will help a spring breeze , The mountains are green , Enjoy the comfort and satisfaction of being in the dark . (2021.2.23 At the Meng Changming Art Museum by the Yijian river )