Watch. Come back

2021-02-23 12:13:04  作者:Photography

The wind blows cold . How much does the west wind hate , I can't blow away my eyebrows .

Branches , Thin blue as smoke . Winter is gone , Spring comes again . How many times , I'm waiting . When a tree is clear , Look at each other in silence . In the wind , It's very cold . I think , You know me , Every gaze , Your eyes are as clear as water . Listen to me , You nod , Full of love .

There is no sneer , There is no cold push away , The hands I'm going to touch . In my staring eyes . Little by little , I think the light green is just an illusion . At the time , The sun has a touch of warmth , The bottom of my heart is a desert . And now , you , I look at each other and smile . Unconsciously , Tears have been shed .

On the road , on one's own , It turned out to be a different kind of silence . Life if only as first see , There won't be so many regrets . If you always remember the beginning , How can the pen produce the sense of alienation . Not willing to leave , I have come back , You are silent and happy .