Lin Wu Mei Hai

2021-02-23 12:12:49  作者:Photography


Lin Wu Mei Hai is located in Jinting Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou city ( Original Xishan town ), Around “ The ninth hole in the world ” There is a sea of plum trees around the forest house cave . Let's enjoy the plum blossom 、 Tan Mei 、 Looking for plum blossom in one , It covers an area of 3000 Mu , Around the mountain , It's the largest Merlin in China . Meilin was first planted in the Tang Dynasty , In Ming and Qing Dynasties . Most of them are white plum , There are also red ones 、 Pink 、 Green 、 It's ink 30 Many varieties , Beautiful colors . It's the annual Plum Blossom Festival , jammed with visitors .

Spring is coming , The spring sun shines on the earth , Take advantage of the weekend , Go to Taihu Lake to enjoy the plum blossom .

Driving around Taihu Lake , The lake wind blows gently , The lake is sparkling , Looked from a distance , Taihu bridge is like a dragon playing with a pearl , The small islands in the lake are the pearls of Taihu Lake , The lake is vast , Green mountains , A little bit of fishing sail , Egrets and reeds , The blue sky and white clouds , picturesque scenery , It's relaxing , very touching .

Lin Wu Mei Hai is on the shore of the lake , It's the nourishment of Taihu Lake that makes the flowers bloom so gorgeous . Taihu Meiyuan surrounded by Linwu mountain , All the plum blossoms are open to each other . Poetry is everywhere in the garden , You hold me , I hold you , Just keep going out , It's bursting the bud , With a smile , Wave after wave . Red plum as gorgeous as water , White as snow , Elegant and elegant green plum … The flowers of a tree are blooming , It's as rosy as the clouds , buzzing with excitement , Pomp and exuberance , It's overwhelming .

The garden is dominated by white plum , Flowers are blooming like clouds ; The plum branch has a special shape , very pretty and charming .

There are few green plum trees in the garden , There is a green plum tree in front of the door , Simple and elegant flowers , Tingtingyu stands beside the garden gate , Welcome the visitors .

Small bridge and flowing water in Meiyuan , Pavilions and rockeries , Accompanied by thousands of blooming plum blossoms , It also shows the unique charm of Meiyuan . Zigzag flower path , Occasionally, there is a corner between the bamboo clumps, and the pavilion looms , There are many ponds , Plum trees are reflected in the water , have a distinctive flavour . Walking in the middle , The winding flowers lead you straight to the depths of the sea of flowers , Wandering in the sea of flowers , Plum like clouds , It's fragrant , Bees are buzzing , How pleasant .

In the Merlin , There are children laughing and playing ; There are beautiful women , They are playing in front of Mei , All kinds of Customs , To be comparable with Mei Hun , Yi deeply melts the noble quality of plum blossom into her own bones ; There's also a wave of photography enthusiasts , They have long guns and short guns , Surrounded by models who look like fairies , Press the shutter from different angles , Trying to capture the beautiful works of ruomei fairy ……

Linwu Cave

Through Merlin , Walk into the so-called “ The ninth hole in the world ” The cave in the woods . The cave is as wide as a mansion , A forest of stones , The roof is as flat as a house , The cave is like a dragon , Under the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple lights , Magnificent; ornate; fascinating , It's like a maze . There is still quiet water in the cave , There's water dripping from the top . Still water meanders , Build a forest out of stone , Time is narrow and time is wide , Time is quiet and time is deep , change unpredictably , Whirling . Sometimes visitors need to turn sideways , Sometimes you have to bend your back .