Black Monday

2021-02-23 12:04:52  作者:Life journey

The day before yesterday afternoon our teacher went back to school for a teacher's meeting , The teacher went to work yesterday , Students go back to school to register , It's a formal class today . The new term begins .

Early in the morning , The sun is shining , The flowers are blooming in the sunshine . The little walk from the garage to the office , There are several osmanthus trees . Walking on the school road , Facing the cool wind , The charming fragrance of Osmanthus comes from the tip of my nose , Immediately relaxed and happy . That feels good !

At the teachers' meeting the day before yesterday , The headmaster called the names of his colleagues who did not do well in the final exam last term , We also temporarily adjusted our work , The second year of junior high school 、 Junior three teaching performance is not outstanding colleagues transferred to our junior one , Some teachers were transferred to the second grade of junior high school 、 grade —— Although in a few months, the students of the third day of junior high school will take part in the senior high school entrance examination , The second year of junior high school should also take the geography and biology senior high school entrance examination .

As a spectator , We also have a lot of psychological pressure . After all , The competition is too fierce ! Although it's not allowed to rank on the top , But in private , Every school will be ranked , The Education Bureau will also evaluate the teaching performance of schools , Just for internal information , It's just not public . Teachers' teaching scores are directly linked with students' examination scores , Performance is directly linked to ranking .

Although the performance is not much worse , But even if we don't care about the money , I always care about face ! Because the ranking of each teacher and class will be printed and published , It will also be analyzed at the teachers' meeting . Teachers and classes who fall behind will be criticized in public , What a shame ! That's how we are constantly pushed forward !

After the final exam results of last semester came out , The education department quickly calculated the relevant data and ranking of each class and subject . The competition is so fierce ! Some teachers and classes rank only 0.01 branch ! Even those with exactly the same main data should be ranked according to other data .

One of the two classes I taught last semester did well , Chinese comes in third , It's just below the average of the first place 0.3 branch ,S It's not worth it 0.5 branch , I'm sorry ! The other class is worse , Almost all the subjects in their class are ranked first from the bottom , The overall score is also the penultimate , Chinese is no better , It's just a little different from other classes .

The headmaster asked our school to take the first place in all subjects, examinations and competitions in the city , Take the second and criticize it openly ! Junior one's political subjects ranked second , He was publicly criticized by the headmaster among the teachers , And write a review . alas , We're under a lot of pressure !

But , The new year is coming , All over the place , Charactizing a fine spring , Full of vigour , Full of the breath and vitality of spring . In it , Cheerful mood !

I don't want to be knocked down by pressure , I want to work hard without affecting my health , Let yourself enjoy the beauty of spring healthily and happily !




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