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A talk in spring (11-13)


When you wake up in the morning , The first one to get into your ears , It's the sound of birds outside the window . You open your sleepy eyes , "He said to himself , The chirp of the bird has been deep into your dream even earlier yesterday, or it has just started at this moment . however , You don't have time to think about this sensitive thought , You have to get up in a hurry, wash up and go to work . but , You can still feel the cheers of the birds outside the window , They are so happy .

When you walk down the stairs in the neighborhood , You can understand why the birds in the early morning are so happy : Fresh air , Clear sky , There is also a thriving scene , And there is no winter cold in the air , Only the warm wind caresses you .

Can only cherish , In the face of such a situation , You can only pass in a hurry . Passing by that little red flower , I found that the little red flowers withered all over the ground last night . Little red flowers on the red brick road , But it has a different flavor . Look up , At the top of the branch, new light green leaves were found , Xinye looks at it from a distance , It's like little flowers . New leaves cover the branches , The whole book seems to combine a huge corolla , The head of the Corolla is light yellow , And the bottom of the Corolla is filled with little red flowers . See this picture , I suddenly have a new discovery : original , Spring comes , A tree's rebirth doesn't necessarily start with a new leaf , It could also start with a tree petal . Like this little red flower full of trees , And the white petals in front of the residential area .

Think , As long as you watch , There will always be new discoveries in nature .


On the way from the office to the workshop in the morning , By accident , Those crabapple trees with red lanterns and Chinese knots are also full of new buds : The original bare branches were covered with fresh green leaves , There are many red stamens among the branches . Red and green branches , With the red lantern and Chinese knot , It's a look of joy and vitality .

Look at the row of Sijiqing behind the office , New leaves have begun to grow . Red , Tender leaves grow on the top of Sijiqing , It's like a crown , It's just that the crown is not as beautiful as it was in the neighborhood in the morning , Bright eye .

Walking on the road , Cinnamomum camphora , Grapefruit tree , And some other trees have begun to sprout new leaves . It seems , The prosperity of spring is already in the process of brewing , Until the weather keeps warm , Everything will be liberated in winter . then , You can't live without a hundred flowers blooming , A scene full of spring .

Along the way , Camellia can't stop the pace of spring , More and more flowers are blooming , The tea trees are gradually covered with flowers . Camellia is the number one of spring , It's already showing the beauty of spring . o , It seems that the scene of blooming is close at hand .

Blossom , Grass will not lag behind its pace , The green grass on the lawn has covered the yellow grass last year . Look at it from a distance , The whole lawn is full of vitality again . I don't pay attention to it for a few days after work , The grass around us has come out of the bleak winter last year , That piece of yellow has been transformed into green .

If winter is Tibet , that , Spring is the explosion of the hidden energy !


After work in the afternoon , On the way home , I saw a group of children playing on the road in the community . These days should be preparing for the beginning of school , The neighborhood is busy again , The flowers and trees in the community , Those corners that adults never set foot in have been given by these little beasts “ Capture ” 了 . Some of them play in the small playground in the community , Some are playing hide and seek in the trees or climbing on books “ Riding and fighting ”( Of course , I don't quite agree with that ), And there are two beautiful little girls who are picking up something under the little safflower tree in the morning , When I walk in , But found them picking up petals . Looking at the innocent smiling face of the child , Looking at their innocent actions , I couldn't help laughing .

Open the door , My wife hasn't come back yet . Sitting on the sofa , I picked up my cell phone again , I want to see Hesse's novels , But I found some pain in my head , It's too much to watch . So I lay on the sofa , Press the head , I don't want to, but I recall the novel Hesse read earlier ( Now I'm rereading Hesse's novels ), Some of the ideas from Hesse's novels come back to the surface of the brain .

Let's just talk about Hesse's novels !

Hesse's novels don't have a lot of ups and downs , From the novels I've read (《 Peter carmenzine 》,《 Sitkharta 》,《 Glass ball game 》) In terms of my impression , The plot of his novel seems to have some similar commonalities : Take a person's growth process as the main line . The process of the hero's growth is the process of his understanding of the world , But the growth process of the protagonist in Hesse's novels is not our earthly growth process , The growth of the protagonist in Hesse's novels is a process of self recognition , The process of recognizing the meaning of one's own existence , The protagonists are not all secular people .

The protagonists in Hesse's novels often have some kind of talent , such as , poetry , Music and so on , They are pure and lonely , Often out of tune with the world , It's not compatible . It's not that they hate the world , It's that they're too far ahead of themselves , Too pure , The worldly mind can't understand them at all , I can't fit in with them , therefore , Apart from the necessary contact with the world, the protagonists , They all have their own special spiritual world and life world . And I think , The peak of this kind of novel belongs to Hesse's last work 《 Glass ball game 》.

Hesse's novels are less grounded than realistic novels , But the depth of thought in his novels is shown in his unique way of expression . Personal feeling ,《 Glass ball game 》 It's more like a summary of his thoughts over the years , The world of glass ball game rules is just like the world that exists in this world, which belongs to the high-level spiritual field , The best people are gathered there , They can be said to exist above the world , Maybe there are some characters like Shushan school in Chinese popular novels . It's just that there is no intrigue in Hesse's novels , It's just a more pure description of the mind and the pursuit of self by those in the high-level field , Looking for yourself in this world , The value process that exists in this universe . so , Hesse's works are closer to getting rid of the control of the conventional plot and becoming subordinate to the spirit of seeking , soul , It's a fine work with profound thoughts , I think this is also the greatness of Hesse's works .

Personally think that , The truly great works always belong to the pure people in the spiritual world , So is the true artist . It reminds me of 《 Marine pianist 》: Don't go on land , Once you set foot on , Then you can only belong to vulgarity , You are no longer the pure great pianist .




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