It's a method to make people laugh in sexual intercourse

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In the relationship between the sexes , Men and women express love for each other , Pour out your heart , It's inevitable that you can't help but make people laugh .

And for those who have not yet established a relationship , For men and women in pursuit , It's going to make people laugh. It's going to speed up the relationship . Here are a few methods , Avoid just being reasonable , I don't think it's worth it if I don't have some dry goods .

Hoax is a technical product , No one who comes up will , It must be constantly honing in communication with people , Continuous advancement , Finally, he became the king of love talk , People with high Eq .

There are many ways to trick people , But the intimacy of the relationship with this person , If it's just a new acquaintance , Want to build a relationship , At this time, people are happy , There must be principles , Be polite and chaste , And a little bit of humor .

At this time, the main way to cajole people is praise and praise . Be sure to catch the other person's most beautiful place and sincerely express your pleasant feeling .

Like a beautiful woman , Most people will say that she is beautiful when they see her , Good looking and so on , She didn't respond to that , If you say that again , Will leave her a feeling that you don't understand her , That's not a good way to make people laugh .

You have to find the characteristics in her universal beauty , For example, her eyes are big and bright , so to speak “ You have beautiful eyes ! Big and wonderful , The key seems to be talking . Look at it , I know what you're trying to say !” Not only praised her , And give her a chance to explore you , She will ask you “ You know what I'm trying to say ? Tell me about it , Isn't it !”

If you find that she agrees with your praise very much , You can use this compliment many times , Sometimes you don't have to talk , Just stare at each other with your eyes , A look of intoxication , The other person will soon understand what you mean , You'll look shy , This gives you another topic to talk about .

The unfamiliar relationship becomes more and more familiar in the exchange of praise , It paves the way for the progressive relationship , Holding hands is a matter of course .

When a relationship enters the role of a lover , There is no need to coax the two sides in love , Both men and women are controlled by hormones , Love can't help itself , Will satisfy each other with deep love , Don't think about it , A mouth full of honey , Sweet to each other .

When it's over , They became very familiar with each other , When you think of each other as your own , The communication between two people will be dominated by emotion . Especially girls , It's emotional , When I was willful , I'm eager for boys to walk around her , It's all about her .

Don't neglect this period , Don't think that your relationship is too strong to melt , Instead of coaxing girls , And always keep her cool , Then it's easy for this relationship to run aground here .

At this time, the coax talent more and more see a person's level , Because we can't amuse each other by boasting about superficial things , Be sure to treat each other from the perspective of understanding and tolerance . The key is attitude .

For example, when girls are in a bad mood , Or when they quarrel and get angry , She may be full of negative energy , You might lose your temper like a child , Temper .

Don't think it's her fault , Even if it's her fault , Don't discuss with her at this time , Or give her facts and reason , If so , You will leave an impression in her heart that you don't care about her .

Support her unconditionally at this time , Comfort her , I love her . Let her see your attitude towards people , And I see your love .

Love is not seeing true love when you and I are strong , It is often in the dispute that one party feels aggrieved and seeks perfection , Feel loved , It's possible to make the relationship closer and more stable .

Sometimes girls deliberately act coquetry in order to attract the attention of lovers 、 Play small , Boys must understand her affectation , Give me a pet at the right time , Indulge , Girls will become obedient in an instant , A look up to you .

These effortless ways are easy for people with high Eq , For some reserved boys, it's very difficult , It takes study and practice to master .

Don't despise trickery just because you're not good at it , Then you won't get a good love , It will be a big regret in life .

Learn how to trick people , It's easy to meet interesting souls . Not only can I find my differences from many angles , I will know each other's beauty from many angles .

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