It's just a child

2021-02-23 11:21:24  作者:Literary FM


The city

Too many secrets to tell

The tears of the night turn into sleeplessness

The stars are so beautiful

As soon as the sun comes out

No matter how beautiful it is

Years take away young frivolity

What's left are silent adults

The years are still quiet

You can't breathe the oxygen in the air

Suffocating in a basin full of ice

Dim lights day and night

Every second of smoke

Walking in the noisy crowd

Loneliness is like the gray

Colorful balloons fly into the rainy season

Blow up like warm fireworks

Time and space never really fell in love with fireworks

Daisies blooming in flower beds

Explaining the tenacity of the wild

It's just the smell of fallen leaves and flowers

Why is it refreshing

Why is it so beautiful

The play is just an unfinished loneliness

Is that enough

It's just kids

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